Month: November 2018

Pachamama Inca Goddess


Pachamama is a fertility goddess, originating from the ancient Inca, the indigenous people who inhabited the Andes mountains. In the indigenous Quechua language, Pachamama (also known as Mama Pacha) translates as Mother Earth or Mother Cosmos. In other cultures, she is referred to as Gaia and Mother Earth. She oversees life by nourishing and protecting …

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Stress-Los Intensiv Seminar in Costa Rica

Stress-Los Mit Stephanie Neuwald Mai 11th – 25th, 2019 Oft ist es nötig, erst einmal einen Schritt zurück zu treten, um wieder einen klaren Blick auf die Dinge zu bekommen. Weit weg vom Alltag haben Sie mit uns die Möglichkeit alle Belastungen mit Abstand zu betrachten und neue Sichtweisen und Lösungswege zu entwickeln. In paradisischer …

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Hindu Goddess Aranyani

Hindu Goddess Aranyani

In Hinduism, Aranyani is a goddess of the forests and the animals that dwell within them. She is believed to be the mother of them all. Her name comes from the word, Aranya, which means forest in Sanskrit. Goddess Aranyani animates and protects the forest, and provides food for humankind. She has been worshipped in …

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Yoga & Culture Retreat

Yoga & Culture Retreat

Join Rachel April 6th – 13th for a yoga & culture vacation. This is the retreat for people that want more than just a relaxing escape- they want to have fun and explore, too! With this all-inclusive retreat, we give you the opportunity to experience all the best things the Caribbean coast has to offer: …

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Hindu Goddess Pritvhi

Hindu Goddess Prithvi

Goddess Prithvi is the Hindu Goddess of Earth. Prithvi is also the Sanskrit name for the earth. Essentially, they are one and the same. This goddess is known for her nurturing, supportive, and productive nature. Prithvi is associated with the god Dyaus, the god of the sky. These deities are interdependent. Heaven fertilizes earth with rain. …

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