The Goddess Garden is a yoga retreat center and yoga teacher training center located in Cahuita, Costa Rica.

Lunch and Dinner Menu

  • Quinoa loaf with sun-dried tomatoes
  • Curry roast potato
  • Eggplant & sweet peppers from the oven
  • Kale salad with cherry tomatoes
  • Mango salad
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Mexican soup
  • Lentil with braised tomato
  • Mushroom rice casserole
  • Guacamole & chips
  • Cauliflower salad with yogurt dressing
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Different types of Pizza (also gluten free and vegan)
  • Garbanzo beans with caramelized onions, sweet potato & paprika
  • Roast vegetables
  • Bruschetta
  • Arugula salad with roast pepper, onion & garlic
  • Mixed lettuce

Meet The Staff

Jacqueline Bürkler – Owner

Jacqueline was born in Switzerland where she grew up and achieved a pH. D. in natural sciences from the prestigious Federal Institute of Technology in Zürich. She always liked to travel and in early years traveled through Europe, Asia and the continent of America. She lived 13 years in Colombia before changing her home to Costa Rica in 1999. The serenity of the rainforest and the pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea inspired the idea to create an intentional place for transformation: The Goddess Garden Retreat Center.

Marcelo Ruiz – Keeper of the Land – Owner

Marcelo was born in Ecuador and at the age of nineteen went to live in Chicago where he got a degree in Art. He also attended Northwestern University where he obtained a teaching certificate. He taught algebra and geometry in public schools.

Among his interests are spirituality, meditation, shamanism, films, poetry,indigenous tribes, community service and Argentine tango dancing.



Video Tour

Take a peek inside and see what makes The Goddess Garden your ideal yoga paradise.


The Goddess Garden is a yoga teacher training center and yoga retreat center and most of all, an intentional place for yoga, meditation and transformation in Cahuita, Costa Rica.

This yoga teacher training and retreat center is surrounded by huge jungle trees, which follow the path of a small creek. Just a step away, you will find the oldest and most amazing tree in Cahuita. Its roots, as tall as a man, will leave you breathless… in reality it is a temple. This beautiful setting will invite you to practice yoga and meditation.

The Goddess Garden Retreat’s spiritual center has two floors, where the view of the rainforest expands to almost 360 degrees. It is designed to give you a wonderful feeling, putting you in touch with nature during your yoga and meditation sessions.

Costa Rica is a peaceful country that disposed of the army many years ago and has a consciousness geared for peace and taking care of the environment, making it perfect for yoga and meditation practice.

So choose to come to our yoga retreat and yoga teacher training resort to practice and learn yoga in Costa Rica, in the midst of awesome natural surroundings.

Room Rates

$110 USD/ night per person
Double Room
  • December 25 - March 31: $135 USD
  • Shared Room
  • En Suite Bathrooms
  • 3 Delicious Meals Daily
  • Access To All The Amenities
  • Spacious Porch With Jungle View
  • Yoga classes can be booked for 25 USD per hour (2 persons minimum)
  • Massages can be booked according to our current massage menus
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$140/ night per person
Single Room
  • December 25 - March 31: $170 USD
  • Private Room
  • Private En Suite Bathroom
  • 3 Delicious Meals Daily
  • Access To All The Amenities
  • Spacious Porch With Jungle View
  • Yoga classes can be booked for 25 USD per hour (2 persons minimum)
  • Massages can be booked according to our current massage menus
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$80 / night per person
Jungle Dorm
  • December 25 - March 31: $100 USD
  • Minimum 4 people
  • Dorms
  • En Suite Bathroom
  • 3 Delicious Meals Daily
  • Access To All The Amenities
  • Spacious Porch With Jungle View
  • Yoga classes can be booked for 25 USD per hour (2 persons minimum)
  • Massages can be booked according to our current massage menus
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Amenities & Info

Washer & Dryer Service Available

Family Friendly

Free Parking on Premises

Beach Within Walking Distance

Outdoor Fire Pit

Jungle Pool and Jacuzzi

Open Air & Indoor A/C Yoga Spaces

Free WiFi

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Guest Reviews

Thank you Marcelo & Jacqueline for a life-changing experience. You created an unforgettable experience for all of us and the love you have put into this paradise is truly inspiring. I look forward to coming back many times.
David Courtnay
To any Yogi's that are considering partaking in a yoga teacher training, I would highly recommend the Goddess Garden in Costa Rica for your training or course. The location was a ideal, with the best yoga studio I have ever seen!
Mandy Pelly
This week was very restorative for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I felt totally supported by you and your staff and the surrounding nature. I wish you many blessings for your lives. I will return and bring others! Namaste.
Liz Muckley


In our healing spa we offer a variety of treatments tailored to your specific needs. We offer massages and therapies like Ayurvedic, Reiki, Deep Issue, Hot Stone and shaman cures using local healing plants.

The purpose of this work is to bring a rebalancing of your body and mind achieving the ecstatic feeling, the AHA moment of harmony.

These services are provided because we want to give you and your yoga group the full experience, so you can be entirely relaxed when you attend to your yoga and meditation practice.


This is a typical menu at The Goddess Garden. Gluten free and vegan options are always available. Our food is served buffet style.

Breakfast Menu

  • Costa Rican coffee and tea
  • Fresh fruit juice
  • Plain oatmeal, gluten free and vegan
  • Fresh tropical fruits
  • Dish with eggs
  • Different types of fresh homemade bread
  • Gluten free tortilla
  • Homemade jellies and honey
  • Plain yogurt
  • Grains and nuts
  • Local specialties like patacones, ripe plantains, pejivalle
  • Arugula & caramelized onion quiche
  • Ratatouille with kidney beans
  • Spanish rice
  • Fennel salad
  • Lentil salad with fresh tomatoes
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Focaccia bread
  • Bean burgers with fresh bread
  • Pineapple curry with mango, chayote & heart of palm
  • Mashed roots Caribbean style
  • Cauliflower curry salad
  • String salad
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Miso soup with tofu and mushrooms
  • Pad Thai noodles in peanut sauce
  • Vegetable stir fry
  • Watercress salad
  • Mint cucumber salad
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Potato croquettes
  • Steamed broccoli with avocado
  • Cabbage rolls with rice, lentil & pumpkin
  • Spinach salad with celery & roasted almonds
  • Fennel salad
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Soba noodles with arugula basil pesto, roast pepper & braised cherry tomatoes
  • White bean fritters
  • Curry sweet potatoes in coconut milk
  • Avocado tomato cucumber salad
  • Diced celery salad with raisins, walnuts & cheese
  • Mixed lettuce
  • Black beans in coconut milk with pumpkin
  • Beet casserole
  • Couscous with herbs
  • Rucola with balsamic vinegar, olive oil & mandarin
  • Thai salad
  • Mixed lettuce


Since its inception, The Goddess Garden was planned to preserve nature.

The buildings are distributed over an area of 14 acres using the natural clearings in the forest to build the resort. The water in the rooms is heated by solar panels to cut down the use of electricity. Our restaurant serves mainly vegetarian dishes with organic vegetables and fruits locally grown. We compost our organic leftovers. This compost is put back as fertilizer in our garden.

Every action to conserve energy helps to minimize the damage that we cause to Mother Earth and we go the old fashion way of drying the clothes in the sun when possible. In our vision for the future is the creation of the Peace Garden. At the Goddess Garden, we would like to have a museum in the forest with sculptures and paintings representing the feminine energy of the Universe. It will be dedicated to honor Mother Earth.