Antima Yoga

A Modular Format Yoga Teacher Training

Module 1: February 23 – March 02, 2019

Module 2: March 02 – 09, 2019


An Innovative Approach


Our teacher training courses are divided into easy-to-follow modules. Each module includes 45 contact hours and 5 non-contact hours. They are free-standing parts of the overall courses (200 /300/500hr RYT certification). All modules cover every aspect of the required material for Yoga Alliance, International Yoga Federation, and other key authorities. Each module’s scope allows participants to firmly master the concepts without being overwhelmed. Trainees can start with any module (anatomy, asanas, philosophy, etc.) and piece together their certification on a schedule that works best for their lifestyle and priorities. This approach allows participants to focus on each sub-section of the overall program in a comprehensive way.

By making all modules available on a rolling basis, participants can start the program at any point and complete it whenever it works best for them. This structure allows for flexible scheduling and financial planning. As a result, it more easily accommodates everyone’s unique lifestyle and goals.

The content of each module is harmoniously woven together, creating a clear, complete picture of the material presented. We will also offer considerable elective material to enrich the educational quality of our programs. Each module will be taught by at least two of our experienced teachers, to ensure optimal exposure to their vast knowledge, skills and passion for each aspect of the overall program.


A brief breakout of the 4 core modules:

Module 1

  1. Yoga history and philosophy
  2. Essence of Yogic Lifestyle – the Eight Limbs of Yoga
  3. Yoga asanas – alignments and purpose for standing and seated postures
  4. Principles of teaching – what we teach, how and why

Module 2

  1. Western anatomy and physiology with bio-mechanics
  2. Eastern  anatomy ( koshas, nadis, gunas and chakras)
  3. Yoga asanas – alignments and purpose for prone and supine postures
  4. Principles of Yin and Yang

Module 3

  1. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda
  2. Pranayama – working with life force
  3. Exploration of different yoga styles
  4. Meditation

Module 4

  1. The Art of Teaching Yoga
  2. Designing a class
  3. Types of Yoga
  4. Teaching Practicum Ethics for Yoga Teachers


For more information on the beginning modules taking place at The Goddess Garden, please visit their website:

Antima Yoga – Costa Rica


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