Crow pose is considered by many yoga instructors to be the best pose to introduce students to arm balances. A fun intermediate posture, crow pose that has a lot to teach us about flexibility, balance and ego.

Warm up

Start by stretching the hips and the groin with goddess pose. These areas will need to be nice and loose so your thighs cab comfortably rest on your elbows.

Crow Pose

Crowch into goddess pose. Then place your hands about shoulder distance apart with your fingers spread wide. Bring your knees up as far as you can into your armpits. When first attempting crow pose, it can be easier to start off crouched on a block. This helps to raise your feet and hips so that you can balance easier. Slowly bring your weight forward onto your hands while pushing your knees into your arms and lifting your buttox. Once you are on your toes, gently try lifting one foot and setting it down, and then lifting the other. Once you are comfortable here try lifting both feet off the ground one at a time. If you fall don’t get discouraged and keep practicing!

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