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The weird birthday

My friend Alana sent me an invitation to her birthday party. It stated: Join this extravaganza to celebrate me in a soulful way. 

Alana used to be my client and over the years we became friends.  As her life coach and hypnotherapist I witnessed her embracing her creative part as her self love and internal freedom was building up. 

“Extravaganza”, huh? – I was intrigued.

The invitation unfolded and I saw what was in it:

It said that because of my exceptional presence and a big loving heart I was hand picked for a trip to Costa Rica for a sacred birthday Ayahuasca ceremony. Hmmm.  Further it had the description of entertainers and dietary suggestion for preparation.

I’ve done a number of  ayahuasca ceremonies myself, at some point I even dated a shaman. 

I was grateful to mother Ayahuasca, or Pachamama how indegnius people also call it. That time my consciousness and self awareness  went on a whole different level. The level, where I gained freedom and so many new opportunities in life from that.

However, the ceremonies I’ve sat in were purely for therapeutic purposes. People would come looking for self-healing. You get in and get out.. I never knew it could be celebratory neither I thought that it can be designed to build genuine ongoing relationships. I saw how it was done.

I thought the “hand picked” part in the invitation  was a general thing to flatter the guests. However, once I got there I discovered that it was truly an exceptional group of 20 people.

The ceremony was so beautiful. It was the most authentic, loving experience I’ve had in my life in a group by that time. There was no judgement and no fear, just love, fun and acceptance. 

When we were leaving I felt I couldn’t get enough of these beautiful people and how we treated each other. 

Once I was back home, I felt I had a need to re create and share this kind of experience with more people. 

I reached out to a friend and together we created what we called a “SoulFull Retreat”. We brought in an exceptional ceremony facilitator. We designed the experience of fun, love and acceptance. A place where people can restore their bodies and invigorate their spirit. Where they can create deep authentic friendships for life. 

After the long search, we picked a unique, exquisite location in Costa Rica – The Goddess Garden retreat. A place of power and peace. The best place to experience ayahuasca, yoga, delicious detox food, while being one with nature. Just footsteps from a private beach where you can reconnect to your true self and become truly SoulFull.

We invite you to join us on this journey to self-love.

Check the early bird offer now.



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