best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

As a yoga teacher, do you find yourself in the position of always being the teacher and never the student? Do you sometimes get burned out on always holding space for other people, and feeling like you’re neglecting yourself? It’s easy for these negative aspects of being a yoga teacher to happen, but they are also easy to fix. Perhaps it’s time for you to take a trip to the Goddess Garden, one of the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

5 Reasons You Should Treat Yourself To The Best Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica Today!


best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

1. Perhaps You’re Due For A Detox

Let’s be honest, just because we are yoga teachers doesn’t mean we are always the perfect picture of health and wellness. Just like everyone else, we overindulge or have bad habits that we should probably work on. A week of healthy, cleansing food and fresh air is good for everyone.

A retreat can give you the opportunity to reach some of your personal health goals. Maybe you can finally put into motion your intention to become vegetarian or give up sugar, or whatever little thing you’ve been thinking about doing for your health or mindfulness.

One of the things that makes ours among the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica is that we carry our mindfulness practices to our menu as well. We focus on providing you with a whole-body experience so you can come away with good habits set in motion. This is your chance to start and perpetuate real change in what you put into your temple.


best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

2. Connect To A Yoga Community

Of course, as a teacher, you probably have a community of like-minded individuals back home. But a retreat is an amazing opportunity to expand your circle, make connections, and gain perspective.

The diversity of the people that come to The Goddess Garden helps make ours the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica. Not only is this amazing for networking (imagine having yoga connections all over the world!), but it’s also good for a refreshing perspective.

You’ll have support, opportunities for idea sharing, and you’ll learn about yourself in a shared environment, which makes for lasting connections with your fellow retreat-goers.

Participating in the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica also gives you exposure to how other people practice. Sometimes as teachers, it’s difficult to remember to give our students what they need in the moment rather than just what we have planned for the class that day. Practicing alongside other people can help you be more receptive to how different people learn and practice yoga and meditation.


best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

3. Combat Stagnation

No matter our profession, we can all get stuck in a rut from time to time. Maybe your class sequences are getting redundant, or maybe you need some new meditation ideas. Perhaps you need some clarity on where to go next with your career. Step out of your comfort zone and get creative juices flowing with a trip to one of the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica.

It’s important for your own personal practice as well as for your students that you learn new poses, new sequence combos, and new methods. Fresh concepts and perspectives are a great way to get inspired. Changing the pace and getting into a fresh headspace in a dedicated environment can lead you to bust through blockages and have those ah-ha moments that are so valuable to your practice.

One of the things that allow The Goddess Garden to hold the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica is our tranquility and closeness with nature. A retreat can give you the time and space to think about your next steps as a teacher. Maybe you want to host your own retreat. Maybe you are thinking about doing another training or even opening your own studio. Whatever the case, the peace you’ll find here will create clarity for your mind and your heart.


The Goddess Garden Pool

4. Take Care Of You!

The old adage goes, “You can’t take care of others if you don’t first care for yourself.” We have a tendency in our society to feel guilty about self-care. But as a yoga teacher, it’s very important. We are constantly holding space for and guiding other people. To this end, we also must remember to hold space for ourselves and fill up our own cups so we have plenty left over to give out.

Another thing that places us among the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica is our spa. You deserve to indulge a little. Get a massage and spend time at the pool. Our unique and restorative spa treatments are just the thing to help you get calm and centered so you can return back home to your students fresh.

It can also be deeply nourishing to devote yourself fully to your own practice for a week. It’s easy to fall into a pattern of letting the classes we teach be our own yoga for the day, but it’s important for us to maintain a consistent personal practice ourselves.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with your inner peace and renew the loving space you teach from. It’s also a great way for you to refresh your own practice and reach new personal goals to inspire you to help others reach theirs. It’s just like they say on airplanes, attach your own oxygen mask before helping others!


best yoga retreat in Costa Rica

5. A Good Student=A Good Teacher

As teachers, we have a responsibility to stay informed so we are teaching things correctly and making sure our students stay safe. We should only teach what we know, which is why it’s important for us to always be refreshing and growing our skillset. Especially if it’s been a few years since your last stint as a pupil, it’s a great idea to take a retreat or do a new training. And what better place to do so than at one of the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica?

Also, along with our favorite poses and sequences, we must also teach those that aren’t necessarily our favorites, for the sake of giving our students a well-rounded practice. A retreat can help you make your own breakthroughs for difficult poses or sequences that will benefit your students back home. The more comfortable you are incorporating new things into your practice, the more comfortable you will be incorporating new things into your classes. As yoga teacher Rebecca Lammerson says in this amazing article about being a teacher, “You never know it all, and you can never know enough.”

As a yoga teacher, it can be very important for you to take time for self-care, to seek out opportunities to learn, and to re-commit to your personal practice. Strengthening your relationship with yourself and what yoga means to you will help you be the best teacher you can be.

A retreat is a perfect opportunity for teachers to learn, refresh, and reconnect. We pride ourselves on providing the best yoga retreat in Costa Rica, and we would love you to join us! Check out our upcoming retreats and trainings, and book your trip today!


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