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5 Anxiety Busting Poses

5 Anxiety-Busting Poses

Here’s the scenario: There’s a deadline looming. My mind is racing. If I don’t get this done there will be consequences! My mind goes through

5 Questions Before Going Deeper

5 Questions Before Going Deeper

You may have heard the saying that before you speak, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? I’ve always felt this

5 Poses for Extra Energy

5 Poses for Extra Energy

Backbends. Backbends are the most obvious poses for energizing—even gentle backbends can be stimulating. Since it’s cooler, darker weather, I’ve been playing a lot with the

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Practice Breathing

We know that breath is the foundation. We’re taught to send nourishing breath into clenched spaces to allow the light in, recenter, and get present

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