Integrating the Ayahuasca Experience

Coming from an Ayahuasca Experience So you’ve had a profound, life changing ayahuasca experience in an Ayahuasca Retreat. Where do you go from here? How do you integrate something so profound into your day to day life? Integrating profound psychedelic or … Read More

Shipibo Shaman Therapy

Shipibo Healing The Shipibo shaman consumes the ayahuasca with the guest so that they can unveil the grid of patterns that exist on each person. They are able to tap into this dimension by using shamanic wave entrainment. Entrainment refers to … Read More

Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing Ceremonies

Although the healing is still done from the very core of one’s being (the spirit), this second healing practice differs quite greatly from a typical healing session as the client goes on a spiritual journey. With much relaxation and deep … Read More

Getting back to nature: how forest bathing can make us feel better

Set aside the time necessary for this therapeutic exercise For a single forest bathing session, set aside two to four hours for an excursion that is at least a half-mile long. Keep in mind that this extended time frame involves several … Read More

Medicinal herbs in Costa Rica

You will find three kinds of herbs in Costa Rica: Indigenous, Afro-Costarican, and Caucasian. But the indigenous influence of the use of these medicinal herbs has always been the strongest. You will find that, throughout Costa Rica, over 300 different … Read More

Surrounded by Beings: What’s it like when the spirits start showing up?

Are we surrounded by spirit life? The following is a conversation I had with a practitioner who had started practicing shamanism, and then found things happening quickly, and unexpectedly! In this situation that I recount below, the practitioner had a … Read More

Shamanic Integrity Required to Work with Spirits

1) To work in sacred alliance with the Spirits The shaman canno’t do her or his work alone. It is entirely by teaming with spirit help that any shamanic healing, or that much of divination is possible at all. This … Read More

The Shamanic Journey

This is a short overview of shamanic journeying, and though it does not contain the details one would need to actually journey, it will provide a sense of what the general process looks like. Shamanic spirituality is a birthright of … Read More