Plant medicine ceremony -lighting incense and candles, setting up altars

Shamanic Plant Medicine Healing Ceremony Retreats

Learn about the general customs followed for traditional Ayahausca ceremonies … Read More

Visionary Art and Sacred Geometry

Thus ayahuasca art and international artists have taken a more prominent place at the visionary art table. The spirit of ayahuasca may speak in different languages, but she is super fluent in visual and symbolic communication. … Read More

Types of Retreats Hosted at Our Center

Types of Retreats Hosted at Our Center Tantra Retreats   Tantra is the combination of two different practices: Philosophy and Spiritual, targeting the direction and manipulation of the universal energy as means of liberation, which became visible in India in … Read More

The process how to become Shaman

What is a Shaman? Shamans are named in many different ways: Witch doctor, medicine (wo)man, magician, dream walker, or even sorcerer but none of this names capture the essence and complexity of this role. The principal activity of a Shaman … Read More

What do you have to know about Xanga Medicine ?

Xanga, the history of this medicine  Changa (or xanga) is a term for a smokable mixture of plants, of banisteriopsis caapi or syrian rue, that contains the psychedelic substance dimethyltryptamine (DMT) infused onto a MAOI (monoamine oxidase inhibitor). In other … Read More

Bufo Alvarius – History of this Sacred Medicine

The Bufo Alvarius, this Healing Medicine Where does this medicine come from? The Bufo Alvarius, ´´Incilius Alvarius´´ is a toad, coming from the American Continent. It is possible to find him, in the desert of Arizona, and in majority part … Read More

Shipibo Shaman Therapy

Shipibo Healing The Shipibo shaman consumes the ayahuasca with the guest so that they can unveil the grid of patterns that exist on each person. They are able to tap into this dimension by using shamanic wave entrainment. Entrainment refers to … Read More

Surrounded by Beings: What’s it like when the spirits start showing up?

Are we surrounded by spirit life? The following is a conversation I had with a practitioner who had started practicing shamanism, and then found things happening quickly, and unexpectedly! In this situation that I recount below, the practitioner had a … Read More

Shamanic Integrity Required to Work with Spirits

1) To work in sacred alliance with the Spirits The shaman canno’t do her or his work alone. It is entirely by teaming with spirit help that any shamanic healing, or that much of divination is possible at all. This … Read More

The Shamanic Journey

This is a short overview of shamanic journeying, and though it does not contain the details one would need to actually journey, it will provide a sense of what the general process looks like. Shamanic spirituality is a birthright of … Read More