Visionary Art and Sacred Geometry

Thus ayahuasca art and international artists have taken a more prominent place at the visionary art table. The spirit of ayahuasca may speak in different languages, but she is super fluent in visual and symbolic communication. … Read More

What is the Purpose of Meditation

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF MEDITATION – C Kali Aitken When the Buddha taught that freedom from pain and confusion is possible, and that this freedom gives rise to enduring well-being and happiness, he also mapped out the path that … Read More

Yoga and Art

by C Kali Aitken The notion of art as a means to express our relationship with the divine is as ancient as the first people that walked the Earth. From cave paintings to Bach, man has always felt moved to … Read More

How Travel Makes You a Better Person

Why is traveling important? Mark Twain wrote, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in … Read More

Living in Your Emotions

The ability to experience emotions differs according to people. This depends on the balance that is created between our IQ (IQ) and the emotional coefficient (EC). How is this balance constructed? From birth we inherit from our parents an intelligence … Read More

5 Simple Ways to Stress Less and Smile More

When I want to slow my mind, let go of a long day or seek more joy in my life, I step into the forest. Getting my feet on the dirt and letting the green of the trees and warmth … Read More

When the Body Screaming, the Soul is Silence

Our body reacts to all those feelings that we keep, that we do not say, that we shut up. What we do not say accumulates in the body, becomes insomnia, in knots in the throat, in nostalgia, in error, in … Read More

Take care of yourself

In life—in love and grief and all the moments in between—the best thing we can do is regularly affirm that we’re doing the best we can. But that’s a habit few of us develop until we desperately need it. Caring … Read More

Do You Need an Anxiety Detox?

Learn how to process this debilitating emotion and break free from the stress it can cause by observing and witnessing the sensations of your powerful feelings. No matter the root cause of anxiety, you know the symptoms: sleepless nights; that … Read More