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Brainwave and yoga

Brain Waves and Yoga

Neurons communicate through electrochemical signals that are the basis for motor functions, thoughts, emotions, and behavior. These electrochemical signals—also called brainwaves—can be detected by placing sensitive sensors on the head/scalp. Brainwaves are functionally characterized as bandwidths and range from slow to fast, loud to subtle and simple to complex. Thus, our brainwaves change according to …

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Muscle Psoas Yoga

The Importance of the Psoas Muscle

Some years ago, at the end of an intense Vinyasa yoga class I’d taught, something remarkable happened. I prepared my students for relaxation, moving them into reclined hip release poses. As the energy slowed down and they began letting go of their efforts, I noticed something unusual.  A few students’ bodies started to wave and …

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Lean into your practice

Many people I spoke to for this story had a yoga practice before their divorce but generally only considered it part of a physical health regimen. Alice Schlegel—mother, researcher, yoga teacher, and director of student activities at a community college outside of Seattle—had moved from Alabama to Washington state with her first husband and joined …

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Strengthening Your Mind-Body Connection with Yoga

one of the most beneficial ways to strengthen your mind and body connection and to get you ready to practice yoga.[2] Prior to starting your yoga practice, sit quietly for about 10 minutes. Use this time to meditate prior to starting your practice. This quiet session can help prepare you to begin practicing on strengthening …

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