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How to get to Cahuita?

Fly to San Jose airport (SJO) – Costa Rica

The different options are:

1) Private taxi:

Up to 3 persons (200  USD one way)

2) Private shuttle door to door service:

You can make your own reservation directly in the corresponding webpage.

Your pick up or drop off place in Cahuita is The Goddess Garden.

Interbus: / [email protected]

  • Departure San Jose Hotels and airport: 7 am / 2.30 pm (57 USD per person)
  • Departure Cahuita to San Jose: 7 am / 2.30 pm (57 USD per person)

Caribe Shuttle: / [email protected]

  • Departure San Jose Hotels and airport: 5.30 am and 2.00 pm (55 USD per person)
  • Departure Cahuita to San Jose: 6 am and 12.30 pm (55 USD per person)

3) Public bus                


  • From downtown San Jose “Antigua bus station San Carlos
  • Departure in San Jose: 6 am / 10 am / 12 am / 2 pm / 4 pm (9 USD per person)
  • Departure in Cahuita: 7.30 am / 11.30 am / 4.30 pm (9 USD per person)
  • Taxi from international airport to bus station or vice versa (30 USD)

4) Flights to Limon

Sansa Airlines: / call +506 2290 4100

  • From San José International Airport: 6.50 am / 3.10 pm (80.60 USD to 95.16 USD per person)
  • From Limon: 7.30 am / 4.10 pm (80.60 USD to 95.16 USD per person)
  • There may be an additional flight at midday, as well

Caribe Shuttle:[email protected]

Provides a pickup service from the airport to the retreat center (22 USD per person)

5) Rent a car

Check The Goddess Garden location on Google maps.

A car gives you a great freedom to visit the area around Cahuita (beaches, national park, eco tourism, etc…).

Feel free to call (506) 2755-0070, it is our pleasure to help you!


The Goddess Garden Yoga and Nature Retreat Center has so much to offer – a tranquil nature setting, the enchanted Caribbean Sea and the Magic of the Rainforest, plus all the comfort and amenities of a high-end resort, including a Spa and restaurant serving delicious, healthy cuisine. Surprise your yoga and meditation groups by bringing them to The Goddess Garden Retreat for a yoga practice or yoga teacher training with a touch of paradise and the essence of pure nature. You can just relax on the grounds of the Goddess garden enjoying the tranquil nature setting, the large pool, hot tub, or enjoy a Spa treatment, meditation or yoga class. Or enjoy a walk on our 10-mile long secluded beach, swim, zip-line through the forest or go kayaking. Our staff is ready to guide and inform you on the many possibilities available to you during your stay at The Goddess Garden.

Costa Rica is located in Central America, north of Panama, flanked by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is a small country, with 250 km (155 miles) between coasts and about 400 km (250 miles) length. Costa Rica is well known for its biodiversity, it is a paradise of natural beauty. Its tropical rainforest and dry forest contain 6% of the world’s species although the area of the country is as less as 0.1% of the territory of the earth. Locals are very friendly and there are few countries that welcome foreigners as well as Costa Rica.

Check the exact location and how to travel to Cahuita in the Contact page.

Costa Rica is located in the tropics. It does not have the four seasons, its climate is pleasantly warm during the whole year. The Caribbean Coast is covered by tropical rainforest and remains green during the whole year. The driest months on the Caribbean are February, March, September and October.
  • The average annual maximum temperature is: 86° Fahrenheit (30.0° Celsius)
  • The average annual minimum temperature is: 69.8° Fahrenheit (21.0° Celsius)
  • On average, the temperatures are always high.
  • On average, the warmest month is August.
  • On average, the coolest month is January.
  • On average July is the wettest month.
  • On average September is the driest month.

Any time that works for you and your group is a good time to come to Costa Rica and The Goddess Garden. If you have more flexibility with your planning dates and you want to do outdoor activities and adventures, it is a good idea to consider the typical weather for the time you would like to come. For weather information look at FAQ “How is the climate in Cahuita”. Also, you might want to consider on-season, off-season pricing, which is displayed on the site under room rates and packages.

We highly recommend a good mosquito repellent! Costa Rica has its fair share of insects and snakes. Most present no cause for concern, and a few simple precautions will ensure your safety. Dengue is a tropical virus carried by mosquitoes, and is most prevalent along the Caribbean coast. Always carry bug spray to repel mosquitoes, and in coastal areas, you may want to use an insect repellent with deet. For more information regarding vaccinations, you can visit

In the case of injury, illness or emergency, visit a public or private hospital. Costa Rica’s health care system is considered to be one of the best in Latin America, and many doctors speak fluent English. Public hospitals are located in every province and provide good service at low cost. Some private hospitals, which are prevalent in the Central Valley, will accept your U.S. insurance; be sure to check with your insurance provider before travel abroad.

Yes, but it is always important and wise to follow precautions when you are traveling. Many precautions may seem like basic common sense, but are excellent reminders. For instance, if you rent a car, do not leave exposed belongings inside and venture off. Do not leave unattended items on the beach, like your money and cell phone when you go in the water. Use the hotel safe for jewelry and important items, such as passports and credit cards. It’s a good idea to make a copy of your passport to have on hand.Travel insurance may be something to consider. It’s also recommended to avoid visiting an ATM machine after dark, taking nighttime trips to bars or the beach, or walks in areas you don’t know are safe. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not show displays of wealth, such as expensive watches and jewelry. Violent crime is extremely rare in Costa Rica, but theft is a concern. Petty crime is most frequent in the capital city of San Jose, where pick pocketing, mugging, and purse snatching occur.

English is the first foreign language and the second most taught language in Costa Rica, followed by French, German, Italian and Chinese.  Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica.  English is spoken natively by many people (but not everyone) on both coasts, particularly on the Caribbean side. Many Costa Ricans are bilingual since most of them work in tourism or customer service.

The Costa Rican unit of currency is the colón, with a value fluctuating between 500 – 550 colones per $1 US dollar. The cost of travel in Costa Rica is higher than other countries in Central America, but is still significantly cheaper than in the U.S. or Europe. Most major hotels and resorts, large restaurants, and chain supermarkets will accept US dollars and change, while small stores, roadside vendors, and If you plan to use US money in Costa Rica, bring bills of $20 or smaller. And be sure the money is in good condition. If you have change coming, expect in to be in colones. Using US dollars is a good option in Costa Rica, rather than exchanging US dollars into colones. Another good option if you need colones is to use your debit card at ATM. Only get what you think you will use while in Costa Rica, converting the money back to US dollars will cost you in fees.

A valid passport from your country of residence is required to travel to Costa Rica. There are no requirements to obtain a visa for travel to Costa Rica for US Citizens, Canadians and most European countries. Check your country’s specific visa and passport requirements

Yes. It is possible to rent a car and drive in Costa Rica. Be aware that in Costa Rica you drive on the right side (just like USA or Canada). Driving signs are in Spanish and in kilometers. The normal speed limit on the highway is 90 Km/h, or 55 mph. Speeding tickets are expensive.

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