January 26th – February 2nd, 2019

Expand & Grow!

A Yoga Retreat With Shireen Damghani

& Gloria Rodriguez-Gil

This retreat is an opportunity to deepen your yoga practice. It’s an occasion to take time to invest in the postures, and evolve your knowledge of self-care. Learn to live more radiantly, and expand & grow!

The retreat will feature 2 daily yoga classes: the morning practice will focus on lessons to build and deepen your practice, and the afternoon classes will be more gentle and restorative. Additionally, there will be workshops on building healthy lifestyle routines, and Ayurvedic principles.

About Shireen

In my classes,  I focus on helping people find their body’s innate intelligence through my yoga instruction. The rest is really up to them; how far they take it through the depth of their own breathing and commitment to practice. I start my classes slow, then build up to some intensity or “peak pose”, then gently bring it back down  to rest in savasana. I love seeing the light and smiles appear in people’s faces after class.

My practice is informed by the inspiration of many amazing teachers that I have been honored to meet during my journey through this life so far.  At this time, my main teachers are Andrea Fotopoulos, and Sam Glannon.  Currently, I am also studying Ayurvedic principles Ayurvedic Yoga with Kate O’Donnell. I have studied a bit in the other styles of Yoga, namely Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kripalu, Kundalini, Power, Shadow, and Sivananda Yoga with well known teachers from each system.


A bit about Gloria

Gloria Rodriguez-Gil is a Costa Rican Native and also a 500 HR certified Yoga Instructor.

My yoga practice …

Tadasana, the Mountain Pose, expresses what Yoga is for me. Standing on the earth on two naked feet with the hands open facing forward, as the crown of the head reaches towards the sky, and in the middle our heart beating with the pulse of our breath. The front of the body faces our future, the back our past, and the open hands our hope.


For more information on this retreat, you can visit Shireen’s website:

Yoga With Shireen – Costa Rica Retreat

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