Hari-Om Yoga Teacher Training at The Goddess Garden

“Let the rain forest nourish your transformation”.

September 8th – 28th 2018

April 6th – 26th 2019

April 27th – May 17th 2019

Why Hari-Om Teacher Trainings?

From their website:

“Hari-Om trainings are an intense journey of self-discovery.
Techniques and concepts are simply a means to develop your full potential rather than the goal”.

Hari-Om YTTs are always intense and challenging. We integrate tools and techniques from other traditions and practices such as Muay Thai, Zen, Taoism, Ecstatic Dance, and Dynamic Meditation because in our understanding, Yoga is a dynamic path to a deeper and complete comprehension, and many of us are past the point of being satisfied by simple explanations such as “at which degree the ankle should be placed” or “how high the arm should be raised” in an asana.

Yoga is not a dogmatic practice and when it becomes fanatical, it can only add ignorance to ignorance.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings include at least 4 hr a day of powerful practice and we require a strong commitment from the students who decide to join and immerse themselves in the practice. If what you’re searching for is observing your perceived limits and challenging them beyond what you thought possible in a conscious way, strengthening your body and inner body, and staying consistent on a path toward power, then we invite you to join us. Allowing you to leave your comfort zone and transmute it into your practice is our aim and forte.


The Teacher

Massimo Monte

Since an early age Max felt attracted and influenced by the vision and teaching of Mystics, Masters and Yogis like Rumi, J.Krishnamurti, G.I. Gurdjieff, R. Tagore and P. Yogananda, among others, which shaped the spiritual path to follow.

By the age of 20 was traveling to India where he spend several years in the Osho Rajneesh Ashram, participating to many work-shops, seminars and meditations influenced by the Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, deepening the practice in the Jnan, Bhakti and Karma branches of Yoga.

Extensive travels throughout India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the Middle East, North Africa as well as the Americas, Australia and Europe brought him in contact with different spiritual paths widening the spectrum of ways in the quest of Human Consciousness Growth.

Inspired by gifted teachers like Glenn Black among others, in the last 18 years he ventured into the journey of the practice and study of Hatha Yoga, experiencing different styles like Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, and Yin and attending classes, retreats an teacher trainings in Costa Rica, U.S., Italy and Australia where he got certified in the oldest school of Byron Bay under the guidance of John Ogilvie, promoter of Purna Yoga which represents a holistic approach to Yoga, integrating the postures, philosophy, pranayama, meditation, discipline and code of ethics.

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For More Information:

Hari-Om 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Schedule – Costa Rica

We hope to see you soon!

~ Namaste ~

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