We know that breath is the foundation.

We’re taught to send nourishing breath into clenched spaces to allow the light in, recenter, and get present and calm. Many meditations coach us through the pathways of the breath, from the solar plexus to the heart to the throat chakra. When we breathe mindfully and deeply, the body relaxes, the amygdala eases, and we open and soften. It’s like a system-wide announcement that nah, today we won’t need to slay a cave bear or outrun a rabid wolf.

Sama Vritti Pranayama (equal ratio breathing) is a powerful relaxation tool that can help clear your mind, relax your body, and allow you to focus. Just find a comfortable seat with your back supported and feet on the floor.

1. Close your eyes. Breathe in through your nose, slowly counting to 4. Feel the air filling your lungs.

2. Hold your breath here and slowly count to 4 again. Try not to clamp your airways shut. Simply avoid inhaling or exhaling for 4 counts.

3. Slowly exhale to the count of 4.

4. Hold the exhalation for another 4 counts.

5. Repeat steps 1–4 for 4 minutes or until you feel calm and centered.

Try returning to your breath each time you need to get calm and problem-solve in a rational, methodical way.


The Joy of Breathing Online Class

To experience the benefits of pranayama breathwork with the Joy of Breathing and Wim Hof methods.

These powerful techniques assist in awakening a deeper, more integrated conscious connection with body, mind, heart and spirit. Each session is designed to take you into deep, meditative states of awakened consciousness where you access an expanded Self-awareness, gain mental clarity, a sense of inner peace and joyful presence.

You will learn how to use breath and intention to align with your highest Self and highest potential in joy, love and mastery, all while experiencing your ability to energize, oxygenate, relax, detoxify and heal. On a spiritual, energetic level, the process gradually awakens kundalini through the chakras along the spine, from mulhadara to sahasrara.

The “joy” breath sessions are enhanced with music and vocal toning, culminating in a deep and blissful meditation experience. Please bring a blanket and small pillow to class.

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