Healing Your Inner Healer

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Breath of Life Retreats presents Healing Your Inner Healer. Summer retreat designed and led by Taita Juanito. Co-hosted by Carlos Duran and Mariah Ganessa.

21 – 28 June 2020 | Healing Your Inner Healer | Taita Juanito

The Healing Your Inner Healer retreat encompasses an advanced curriculum in a intimate retreat setting. It is designed for your maximum experience in the healing arts; deepening your relationship with the Plant Kingdom. Catalyze your personal healing journey with Taita Juanito and dive deeper into the ancestral wisdom.

From the luscious beachfront jungles of Costa Rica’s carribean coast, a handpicked high caliber team of presenters, researchers & healers deliver hands-down the most powerful plant medicine retreat available anywhere outside of Colombia.

Your 8 days / 7 nights healing journey includes:

  • 2 master plants ceremonies & 2 private consultations with Taita Juanito
  • Private one on one healing session (approx. 20-30 minutes)
  • 3 ancestral wisdom presentations with Taita where he shares a treasure chest of radical teachings designed to empower your inner healer
  • How to make your own healing lotion & plant allies training with Taita
  • Three King Nettle treatments
  • 6 days of Plant Technology Cellular Regeneration Therapy
  • Radical Forgiveness Workshop & Ceremony: Mastering the Art of Forgiveness
  • The Quantum Physics of Healing Workshop
  • Daily personal time to meditate & connect with nature
  • And much, much more!

About the retreat leader

Taita Juan

Taita Juan


Taita Juan is a title given to spiritual leaders of the Inga people in the Amazon. The title is a revered and respected one, earned through years of study under the grandfather elders. Taita Juanito is a Doctor of the indigenous community of the Colombian Amazon, he walks the path of the Yagé and his family comes from a long lineage of traditional botanists. He began studying the medicine as a young boy. He learned the traditions of the Ingano people until he was twelve years old, before studying the Siona ways. Since then he has been learning and sharing with different communities. Taita Juanito is a pillar of strength, hope and healing in his community, and now hopes to spread his message of love across the world to those who seek the path of sacred medicines.