Soulfull Retreat

In the current on-the-go culture, we often spend life surviving alone and pushing our limits. It all takes a toll on our energy level, physical abilities, so as our abilities to love and create. We struggle to communicate our needs to ask people for support. Hence, we feel overwhelmed and lonely. SoulFull was created to change that.

Soulfull Retreat

Awaken your true self

Whether you just went through a major setback in life and want to get back on track or simply tired, you will be able to get the reset and revitalization you are looking for with us.

We invite you to a 9-day retreat program, where you will become more active, confident and happy! You will experience self-love and connection on a whole deeper level.

Day by day, we will guide you through your mental, emotional, and physical transformation. We also will give you the tools to integrate your new self into real-life experience in the most organic way.

SoulFull Retreat philosophy

SoulFull Retreat is a powerful way to profound and transformative growth. It is a deep voyage into consciousness expansion and self healing – a safe, loving space where you can discover wholeness and self-acceptance. 

We believe that body and soul are interconnected, and there is no thriving of one without another. That’s why the transformative experience we provide is based on 8 significant elements that designed to bring health into spiritual and material aspects of your life.

  • Intentional meditation

  • Breath management

  • Plant medicine ceremonies

  • Physical alignment through yoga

  • Integrative therapy

  • Creative self-expression

  • Cleanse and nutrition

  • SoulFull Communication

About the retreat leader

Liana Nicolo & Olena Devi


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