Side angle pose is one of those postures where there is much more going on than meets the eye. Here are some tips, benefits and variations of this classic yoga pose.

Start off in a warrior two stance with your legs spread out comfortably, your back foot parallel to your back edge of the mat and your front foot pointing forward. Your chest should be sideways and your head facing forward with arms raised to chest level reaching forward and back.

Next, bring your front elbow down to your knee and rotate your back arm to reach out over your head towards the front of the room. Use your elbow to gently guide your knee outward while tucking your tailbone to stretch the hips and groin. Reach forward with the upper hand to lengthen and feel a nice side body stretch.

Finally, a variation of side angle pose is to bind by taking the lower hand beneath the bent leg, taking your upper hand behind your back and linking the two hands. Focus on twisting your torso towards the sky to grasp further.

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