Mindful Yoga is different than many traditional yoga practices in that there is less of a focus on the exact posture achieved and more focus on body/mind awareness rather than the ‘perfect’ pose.

Bringing mindfulness to any form of activity brings an alert focus to what is actually happening in the moment and how you respond to it. This mindfulness transforms movement and yoga into a form of meditation.

This approach of bringing mindfulness to your yoga practice dramatically amplifies your engagement to both inner world and outer. Expanding your perspective so that you can see a complete view and therefore gain a deeper experience of who you are. Mindfulness is being awake. Mindfulness is clarity.
Bringing awareness to your dody and how it moves in a yoga class can have an immediate affect on your mental and emotional state. This awareness transcends to the language of your body, the body records your life experiences and it reveals your attitudes and feelings as you move as you practice your yoga if you pay attention.

“mindfulness is knowing what you are experiencingwhile you are experiencing it. It is moment to momentawareness, has the quality of being in the now, a senseof freedom, of perspective, of being connected, notjudging”
Jon Kabat-Zinn

In a mindful yoga class you will be encouraged to work within your body mind limitations, accepting yourself today with compassion and applying yourself within that framework. We are not engaging in any form of egoic competitiveness, we are opening to life both on and off the mat with ahimsa – non violence. In other words being kind to oneself although at the same time you will meet physical challenge with a curiosity and interest as we are seeking to expand our ‘window of tolerance’. Through mindful yoga we can learn to and practice proactively rather than reactively. This means listening, carefully and with deep honesty satya- truth and honouring, without comparison, simply what is there hearing the calling of the body, mind and spirit.

The alchemy of weaving the breath, posture, movement and mindfulness is a truly wholistic approach to yoga and life. Can we allow ourselves to drop the striving and achieving culture thus providing both the physical and mental space essential for expansion and development? Let’s explore!

For more info visit https://www.thefloatspa.co.uk/what-is-mindful-yoga/

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