What is Tantra?

Tantra is the combination of two different practices: Philosophy and Spiritual, targeting the direction and manipulation of the universal energy as means of liberation, which became visible in India in the 6th Century.

For example you can find Tantra retreats like the one with, Nadine’s Costa Rica Retreat / Training

Mental Health Retreat

The main labor in this kind of retreat is to take a small break from the stress of life and concentrate just on your inner pace. Even in your prime days, to handle the pressure and stress of everyday life it is always a challenge. Most of these retreats ask for silence for you to work on your struggles and get to a peaceful state of mind, including to allow yourself to examine any pain source for the healing to begin as soon as possible.

Stress Los it is a fine example of a good Mental Health Retreat

Yoga Retreat

The Yoga retreat is a place where groups of people gather to practice yoga for some time, it could be just for one day or several days, it is the best way to get in contact with other passionate people about yoga. You can find a lot of Yoga retreats centers with different time duration, practices and variety of yoga.

Robin Shaw is an excellent yoga teacher, she can give the best experience in a yoga retreat.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

This type of retreat it is for the ones who have some years of experience in yoga and it could be a little difficult due the many options we have to become a Yoga Teacher, the best way for you it is to try to find a program who can teach you how to teach, in other words you will need a good methodology and technical language to sound very professional and to be able to direct your students in a way the empower them.
After completing this 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training you should be able to indicate postures, correct them when a student is missing something, or even modify those postures depending on the abilities of your student or group of students.

If you want to have an excellent experience learning how to become a Yoga Teacher, The Studio Cleveland is your best option.

Shamanic Retreat

Shamans are people with so many gifts, they have different talents like healing, storytelling or even leadership, it doesn’t matter the gender of the people, what does matter is to see and feel the energy and even more how to move it. The Shamanic practices are very ancient and based on medicinal plants, to teach people to reconnect with their roots, to have a life transformation and stay even more connected with the energy of the universe and nature.

Here in The Goddess Garden we have two different types of Shamanic Retreats: -Ayahuasca Retreat and -Bufo Alvarius Retreat


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