Join yoga instructor, Amanda Ring, to embark on a chakra awakening & restorative journey in the magical spaces of Cahuita, Costa Rica.

Imagine yourself with the sun on your face, sand in your toes, surrounded by the call of macaws and balmy tropical breezes! Immersed in the tropical beauty and magic of the Goddess Garden, learn about the Chakra System, experience Chakra Inspired Yoga, invite your soul to dance with Chakra Dance®, sacred ceremonies, and opportunities for deep restoration with your goddess tribe. Intentional space to connect with & love your inner wise woman!

There will be free time daily to relax, swim, and sign up for any of the incredible local excursions. Time for an adventure for the soul! Explore another country & its lush tropical culture. Time to connect within & with other curious women.

For more information, you can visit Amanda’s website here: Wise Woman Chakra Journey

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