Join Rachel April 6th – 13th for a yoga & culture vacation.

This is the retreat for people that want more than just a relaxing escape- they want to have fun and explore, too! With this all-inclusive retreat, we give you the opportunity to experience all the best things the Caribbean coast has to offer:

• Visit indigenous Bribri families

• Learn how to make chocolate (a staple here)

• Go for a swim at a waterfall

• Take a guided hike through the national park

• Snorkel the Cahuita’s coral reef

• Experience local cuisine

• Visit a wildlife rehabilitation center

• Explore the bohemian town of Puerto Viejo

• And of course, there will be yoga every day!

Sounds like a lot, right? But don’t worry, there’s still time to relax and do your own thing! We’ll offer a yoga class before breakfast every morning, and an excursion during the first part of the day. This will give you afternoons and evenings to chill at the beach, relax by the pool,  or book an ayurvedic massage at the spa. And you’ll have some free days all to yourself as well.

In addition to the activities listed above, this retreat also includes lodging for 7 nights, 3 daily meals at The Goddess Garden (with the exception of lunch in Puerto Viejo), and your travel to and from SJO airport to the resort.

The best guide is a local guide!

Rachel, your guide on the trip, is a US resident who relocated from Florida to a permanent residence at The Goddess Garden in Cahuita. As a traveler, yogi, and nature lover, she was drawn to the extraordinarily lush, diverse environment, and simple lifestyle of the Caribbean coast.  This year, she decided to host her own tours to bring people to the Caribbean to explore the beautiful landscapes, learn about the culture, practice yoga, and get a taste of the authentic pura vida vibes. Her passion in life is to learn, explore, laugh and have fun, and connect with people to share those experiences together.


For more information, or to sign up, please visit the website here:



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