From March 17-24 in 2018, the magical rainforest and gorgeous Caribbean sea invite rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit. During this yoga retreat with Candra Cantor and Robin Shaw they will be your “yoga goddesses” for the week, teaching twice-daily practices that will inspire, bring you a sense of relaxation, replenishment and joy, and offer space for self-growth.

Chandra has had a lifelong relationship with movement. Dancing from the time she could walk, she has devoted her life to the study of the movement arts. She was introduced to yoga by her parents and took classes on and off through her teens. Chandra began teaching yoga in 1996 and has traveled the world, studying various styles, from Astanga to Iyengar and everything in between.

For Robin, a strong yoga practice and attending the Muscular Therapy Institute brought out her curiosity about the body, mind and spirit, and about how we, as creatures who stand up and walk around on this planet relate to one another. Her extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and movement, listening to each body’s unique language and the stories it tells our deeper selves always informs her classes and sessions.

Come Join Us!

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