Costa Rica's Wildlife

It is undeniable that immersing yourself in nature is beneficial for your health and well-being. Spending time in the sunshine away from our hectic modern lives is grounding and healthy in many ways. Here in Costa Rica, we recognize these facts and pride ourselves on our ability to live in harmony with nature. In fact, in 2016 The Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) said that around 98.1 per cent of the country’s electricity came from green sources. Every effort is made to minimize our impact on the environment and conserve the unspoiled beauty that makes our country a wonderful place to live and visit.

Keeping with the Costa Rican tradition of environmentalism, we constructed The Goddess Garden with its original habitants and valuable resources in mind. We strive to live peacefully alongside the plants and animals that call Costa Rica home and leave as small a footprint as possible. Ecotourism is not just a buzzword around here; it’s a way of life for our visitors!

Costa Rica’s Wildlife: The Secret to How We Coexist and Thrive


Costa Rica's Wildlife


Living in a world where our human population is booming, we know it is important to find ways to coexist with the other animals that call our planet home. It is our responsibility to make our presence here sustainable.

We built our resort with these principles in mind. Our structures were erected where clearings in the forest already existed to maintain the original layout of the area and minimize destruction of natural habitat for the local four, six and eight-legged residents. There is hot water in our guest rooms, but it is heated with solar panels. In an extra effort to conserve electricity, we line-dry the laundry when possible.

Even our food contributes to our conservative philosophy. Where possible, we serve locally grown, organic fruits and vegetables. Lots of the ingredients that come out of our kitchen are even grown right on the resort. That garden is fertilized with compost that we create using organic leftovers from the kitchen.

We believe in taking care of Mother Earth here at The Goddess Garden and make every effort to curtail the environmental impact of operating our resort. This makes it a perfect destination for the environmentally conscious traveler!


Costa Rica's Wildlife

The Creatures

Since we preseved much of the natural habitat that existed before we constructed our resort, the local flora and fauna have been able to continue to thrive. In this way, our guests are able to enjoy their presence in and around our property and have a truly immersive and authentic experience in the Costa Rican way of life.


Costa Rica's Wildlife

Feathered Friends

Cahuita National Park and its surrounding areas are a birdwatcher’s paradise! Among the 500 species of birds that are said to live in and around Cahuita National Park, most notable are the green ibis, two kinds of herons, two kinds of toucans, Rufous Kingfishers and the Central American curassow. The colors and amazing voices of our feathered residents are sure to delight and astound even the most avid of birders.


Costa Rica's Wildlife

Not-So-Creepy Crawlies

Although the thought of a spider as big as your face may be terrifying, 8- and 6-legged creatures are an important part of any ecosystem. The spiders and insects here are, for the most part, harmless and generally, leave you alone if you leave them alone. Plus, they can be quite amazing to observe, and just add to your jungle experience!


Costa Rica's Wildlife

Fuzzy Fauna

Monkeys and sloths are probably the first animals that come to mind when people think of Costa Rica. In our region, we have roaring howler monkeys and mischievous capuchins. 2- and 3-toed sloths laze through the trees, as well as many other exotic fur-covered friends. Although some of these animals are difficult to come by in the wild, there is a Jaguar rescue center nearby where Jaguars and other injured animals come to be rehabilitated, as well as the Aviaros del Caribe Sloth Center. At these safe havens as well as out in the wild, you can see tapirs, jaguarundis, coatis, and agoutis, to name a few.


Cold-Blooded Comrades

Costa Rica boasts biodiversity on all fronts, including our reptile and amphibian crowd. Many people tell stories of their snake, crocodile or caiman sightings, and toads, iguanas and other lizards are quite literally everywhere! Our country is also famous as a breeding and hatching ground for a few different species of sea turtle. It’s an awe-inspiring experience to catch a nest of baby turtles beginning their journey from nest to ocean. And let’s not forget about our tiny, brightly colored poison dart frogs- they are cute, but they can be deadly.


Aquatic Amigos

Our beautiful Caribbean waters have much to offer boaters, snorkelers and divers alike. Dolphins love to play with boats and are a common sight on outings. Cahuita National Park protects 600 acres of coral reef, and hosts crabs, starfish, jellyfish, lobsters, clams, 123 species of fish, and many other reef dwellers. Although dive trips must be guided on the park reef, any excursion is well worth it.


Costa Rica's Wildlife

It’s no secret that being in nature helps us get in touch with our true selves. Fresh air and sunshine are rejuvenating for our souls, and we have much to learn from the animals that share our planet. Here at The Goddess Garden, we care about Mother Earth and believe that to take care of her is to take care of ourselves. In this richly biodiverse area where the turquoise seas of the Caribbean meet the jungle, you can’t help but live and breathe the natural beauty that surrounds you!



Explore Costa Rica’s Wildlife With Us At The Goddess Garden!



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