Video is more and more rapidly becoming the preferred way to consume content and education. Take one look at Facebook and Youtube and you’ll see just how much video content is being created every day! Video is becoming easier and easier to create and live videos are a great way to use this trend to your advantage. Here are a few ways you can use live video for your yoga business.

Host A Live Class
If you want to get noticed by new potential practitioners, live stream one of your yoga classes so that social media users can experience it before they sign up! Better yet, publicise the event and create a free offer such as mention this code from the live event and get one class free when you purchase a package of 5.

Live Q+A
There is so much to learn about yoga that your students are bound to have questions about this ancient practice. Host a live Q+A with frequently asked questions, yogis can chime in live and join the conversation too!

Live Collaboration/Interview
On Facebook Live you can now split the screen with another user, giving you the chance to collaborate with other yoga professionals and/or do interview style videos. This is a great way to introduce upcoming workshop/event hosts or feature testimonials from past/current students.

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