5 Reasons to Do a Healing, Wellness Retreat at The Goddess Garden

  1. A profound deepening of your Asana practice.

    With a teacher training immersion taken abroad with no distractions from your normal life and routine, you’ll come out of your training expressing postures you never knew you were capable of. Making an intentional commitment to your practice is part of the self-discovery process and a natural next step for those being called to teach and share their voice. Continuously striving for a deeper understanding and full embodiment of asana allows us to guide others on the mat as well enjoy our journey as students for life.

  2. Rapid and embraced transformation. 

    The transformation you’ve been seeking (or has been seeking you) will happen quickly and you’ll be ready for it as you’re held in the safe container of a yoga immersion hosted in nature. In Costa Rica, it feels easy to unplug from your daily life and engage in healthy living, which will help you release unwanted habits. It’ll be easier to surrender and receive in this supportive environment, which allows for healing on many levels. Develop new friendships with other travelers and with yourself as who you really are is recognized and reflected back; your potential for greatness is acknowledged and your growth and new lifestyle choices are fully supported.

  3. Learn the art of self-expression.

    Self study or svadhyaya, is considered the heart of yoga. A Yoga teacher training or retreat program hosted abroad offers you a unique opportunity to self-reflect and discover who you truly are in a fresh environment. It’s often easier to give ourselves permission to be more uninhibited when we are away from our family and everyday friends. Within a nurturing and knowledgeable community, self‐exploration is encouraged leading to greater self-awareness, self-love, self-healing, and self-actualization. You’ll find it easier to express who you are in the world in a dynamic and authentic way with your improved confidence.

  4. Reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

    Life force or prana can be felt easily everywhere in Costa Rica. Teeming with beauty and abundance, the country is filled with rainforests, pristine beaches, farm-to-table food, kayak adventures, world famous snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as wildlife observation opportunities. Plus, it has some of the cleanest air on the planet. You can immerse yourself in the country’s beauty during your yoga immersion and feel good about doing it.

  5. You will be living in the Rainforest.

A yoga training or retreat in Costa Rica’s rainforest is nothing short of magnificent. You’ll find while in Savasana, letting your mind go will be a breeze as you listen to the soft pounding of the waves on the beach in the distance, the tropical birds chirping, and the sounds of howler monkeys and other rainforest creatures. You’ll take it all in and not even wonder why you haven’t checked your phone or email for days.

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