The History begins in South America

The explorers discover the Indigenious Medicine by the way to make a perilous journey into the Amazon. Most of them almost died of dysentery and malaria. In 1851, Richard Spruce was exploring the Rio Negro of the Brazilian Amazon, he observed the use of yage.
Use of Ayahuasca for visionary experiences appears to be primeval, to judge from the richness of associated mythology. Pre-Columbia rock drawings are similar to contemporary ayahuasquero´s paintings, which are said to represent yage visions.

Hochstein and Paradies determined in 1957 that results from ingestion of yage came mainly from interaction of three molecules : harmaline, harmine and d-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroharmine. Heinz Kusel observed that ´´ Indians and low-class mestizos alike visit the Ayahuasquero…when they are ailing, or think they need a general check-up, or want to make an important decision, or simply because they feel like it´´.

Benefits and Side Effects of this Healing Transformation

More you drink, more you feel energetic. All your body feel alert like rebirth. Aside from vomiting that frequently accompanies every cupful of the drink, the body´s main physical responses include slight increases in blood pressure and heart rate. No human deaths have been reported from these compounds.

The Healing qualities, for human ailments such as diabetes, hepatitis, leukemia, cancer, paralysis, rheumatism, epilepsy, suicidal depression and the dysfunctions of various internal organs have been called miraculous by some people.

Interested by an Ayahuasca Session ?

You will meet our facilitator Don Claudino Perez. Contact us for join our Shamanic Retreat !
Claudino comes from along the border between Peru and Colombia, at the confluence of the rivers Igaraparana, Caraparana and Putumayo, lives the tribe of the Muruy  or Ouitoto in the Colombian Amazon. This is the place where Taita or Elder Claudino calls home and along with his wife Bernardita are leaders of the community. They work with Manbe, Ambil and Yage also known as Ayahuasca.

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