Shoulder Tension

Unless you live a stress-free life, and never sit and work at a computer, or constantly check your phone- chances are, you’ve got some tightness in your shoulders. It is the primary spot we hold tension in our bodies. Because it is typically a chronic issue, it’s important that we counter those tendencies with a regular practice of stretching. Otherwise, it will continue to grow worse, and treatment will become more costly. That being said, we’ve put together some simple poses you can use as a guide.

What to focus on

When working to release shoulder tension, there are a couple things you want to focus on. First of all, your breathing. You need to relax. You want to breathe with deep inhales and extended exhales. Second, even though we usually feel the tension mostly in the top and back of our shoulders, it’s important that we stretch both the front and back. We need to open our chest to combat all the slouching we do! So these exercises will incorporate all of those things.

Crocodile Pose

Remember to focus on your breathing!


Child’s Pose w/ Should Stretch


Thread the Needle


Extended Puppy Pose


Downward Facing Dog


Ragdoll with Shoulder Stretch


Camel Pose


Finish in Child’s Pose with Knees Together


Do these as often as possible, and your shoulders will thank you! And you’ll thank yourself!

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