The Emotional Symbolism of the Jaw

Connected to the inner ear, it allows us to find a better sense of balance.
To be the symbol of the heart of our reason. The jaw allows us to go straight in the right direction.

But what happens when the jaw hurts?

It doesn’t close like it used to; it snaps, or it makes us grind our teeth. The jaw has gone out of balance. The internal harmony is no longer like itself. By going out of balance, the jaw also prevents us from speaking, eating, and expressing ourselves as usual. There is no doubt our body speaks to us. Seat of our reason, our jaw is connected to our internal emotions.

What’s going on?

Could this be a sign that we have neglected the things that are important to us for too long?

Our jaw doesn’t work anymore, We’ve shut ourself up. Our body doesn’t want to express itself anymore. There must be something wrong with our environment. Maybe it’s time to refocus on ourselves, our projects, and our dreams.

The Emotional Symbolism of the Ear

To listen is to concentrate. Not only hearing sounds but trying to give them a real meaning. It is to think, to create links between what is said, what is happening, and what we know or can deduce. To listen is to take time. Our ears call for silence. To listen, one must first know how to be silent.

The ear is our reflexive opening to the world.
The ear has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. But also of humility.
Listening instead of talking is knowing that the other person has something to teach us. It is to put oneself in a position of exchange.

Our ear is a passive receptacle that does a lot for us.

And without our ears, what happens?

We are deprived of a sense that seems obvious to us. We have to take the time to concentrate on what is happening around us. We use our sight more. We pay attention to details.

If our ear hurts, isn’t that ultimately its way of forcing us to slow down? The body forces us to focus on things.
Maybe it’s because you’ve spent too much time hearing instead of listening.

The knee is a tool to express our will

To emancipate oneself through movement. To kneel down, to bend to the will of the other, of the others. To remain on one’s knees in the face of an unexpected, traumatic event. These common expressions refer to the symbolism of the knee, which finally allows me to express so much by its movement. Our will, our desire to go further, to simply grow.

So what happens when the body falls back to its knees?

We fall back into childhood. Not in that happy memory that helps us build ourselves as an adult. But in this situation of submission. To authority, to the decisions imposed on us, to our own submission, and to our inability to act. To the choices made for us at an age when We cannot yet express ourselves. We are infantilized.

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