What is a Shaman?

Shamans are named in many different ways: Witch doctor, medicine (wo)man, magician, dream walker, or even sorcerer but none of this names capture the essence and complexity of this role. The principal activity of a Shaman it’s to work among plants, spirits and remedies to improve the way of living. In other words, Shamans are living between worlds to retrieve medicine, wisdom and guidance, in benefit of their community.

The main task of Shaman is to be at the service of the community and learn how to conduct the unseen planes where most of the illness begins. Each patient gives you his unique teachings and challenges, it is because a successful Shaman must have great dedication, commitment and creativity.

How to Become a Shaman

Several native souls have the chance to begin their apprenticeship very young, to develop their spiritual side. However the U.S culture spurned almost all of the Shamanic practices due the discontinuity that this kind of culture have with the spiritual roots.

For the people separated from the ancestral practices, shamanic rituals and traditions, they need to find the way back to the paths that were hidden from them in the past.

How do I find a Shamanic Practitioner?

For people involved in the indigenous culture it is quite simple to find a Shamanic practitioner, due to they have contact with this kind of practice almost everyday of their lives, but no for people from the western civilization where the Shamanic culture is not that often practiced. The Shamanic method is based in the spiritual initiation, therefore there is no official institution who regulates this kind of system.

However the Foundation for Shamanic Studies has created a list of Certified Shamanic Counselors, who completed the Core Shamanism program through the foundation, in order to help people find a Shaman when they are in need.

We propose Shamanic Ceremonies, with Medicinals Plants like Ayahuasca, Sananga, Changa and other alternative medicines as Bufo Alvarius. Just click on this link for have more informations : https://thegoddessgarden.com/

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