Ayahuasca Art in South America
Ayahuasca Art in South America

For some Ayahuasca drinkers, the ayahuasca effects cannot be described. They must be experienced for you to understand the effects you will feel on your body. However, for other  Ayahuasca drinkers, the word indescribable is constantly used due to the visual effects this medicine produces. Vision Seekers or Ayahuasca drinkers from the West report that the sensory architecture of ayahuasca experiences is more favourable for artists like painters and animators than for those in areas like poems or music.  Mestizo is the name for the mixture of heritages including indigenous and Spaniards, the mestizo culture has many variations in how traditional Amazonian medicine including the use of Ayahuasca is practiced. Mestizo vegetalismo is a practice of traditional Amazonian medicine, influenced by motifs, images, and cosmologies completely different from the original indigenous influences of motifs and images.

Ayahuasca Around the World

In this globalized era, many people are traveling to the Amazonas to learn about the Amazonian medicine, as well as artists and shamans are traveling around the world to teach and expand the amazing benefits of the Amazonian medicine. Thus ayahuasca art and international artists have taken a more prominent place at the visionary art table. The spirit of ayahuasca may speak in different languages, but she is super fluent in visual and symbolic communication. People from different places around the world, Europe, North America, Australia, and even the Amazon rainforest, often describe completely different Ayahuasca effects. Even more complicated they can as well narrate in very diverse meanings the elements of the ayahuasca visions.

Here are some examples of artists who have been influenced by ayahuasca:

Vanni Mangoni – He is an Italian visual artist and filmmaker. He is called the “Cartographer of the dreamscape.” Vanni is inspired by multiple forms of life and notable markers in the visionary landscape. He desires to capture it in his art.

Lobsang Melendez Ahuanari –From the Peruvian Amazon, Lobsang has a talent for understanding all the lines. His raw, natural talent for capturing the human form can be seen in his skilled drawings. His paintings present cohesive, visionary stories that can take many, many viewings to fully comprehend.

Li Lian Kolster – Deeply ayahuascarian, Li Lian possesses a precision and technical skill that never dominates but supports the top notes of tenderness and inspirational flash.

Mariela de la Paz – A Chilean-born mestiza, drawing inspiration from indigenous plant medicine practices. Mariela’s art showcases both the otherworldly forces and the elements we can see, feel, and touch in this earth-bound world.


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