The Shamanic Snuff, also known as ´Rappé´

This medicine is a type of tobacco made with severals Amazonian plants, the scientific name of this tobacco is ´Nicotiana Rustica´. Back to the time of the Incas, this healing practice was used by shamans and tribes in Brazil and Peru. The indigenous people see the Shamanic Snuff (Rappé) as a form of prayer to call upon the forces of Mother Nature. 

It is usual to have ceremonies with combinaition of Ayahuasca and Rappé. Why ?
Because the Shamanic Snuff (Rappé)  is used for cleanse the ceremonials spaces and persons.

The Mental Benefits of the Shamanic Snuff for Alternative Medicine

  • Helps focus and sharpen the mind
  • Clears a person or space of distracting and bad energies in preparation for the ceremonies.
  • Stabilizes the emotions and provide calm

The Physical Benefits of the Shamanic Snuff for Healing

  • It is an alternative medicine that protection agains  colds
  • Your sinuses  wiill be cleaned of mucus and germs
  • Your body will release physical tensions and be in a peaceful state

The Shamanic Snuff is to cleanse and purify the mind and body.
If you want enjoy an unique experience with Shamanic Snuff (Rappé) , the most appropriate way would be to practice with a trusted shaman. In our healing retreat center, you will find ceremonies with shamans espacilly coming from Colombia to provide you with a unique and personnalized experience.

If you are interested for a Shamanic Experience, contact us to  try our Healing Retreats.


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