Our body reacts to all those feelings that we keep, that we do not say, that we shut up. What we do not say accumulates in the body, becomes insomnia, in knots in the throat, in nostalgia, in error, in debt, in dissatisfaction, in sadness.

What we do not say does not die … it diminish our health.  For example…


The sore throat “burns” when it is not possible to communicate the afflictions and the repressed feelings. If the pain is accompanied by a shortness of breath, it indicates that you are having a hard time aspiring for life. If your throat closes, it’s because you feel under pressure. You must learn to accept with love all the events and speak your truth


The cold “drips” when the body does not cry. Illness is a “conflict” between personality and soul. Many times you have a cold or nasal discharge when the body is not able to cleanse itself through crying, it is the means by which we release a large dose of sadness. The cold also gives you a “ME TIME” time to take a break.


The flu that affects our body more violently than a common cold, can force us to stay in bed for a certain period of time. Since the flu is an infectious disease and that it is related to anger … we can ask ourselves: Who is it that we have taken, or who have taken it , an expression that means: against whom am I angry?

These symptoms that are manifested very particularly indicate what we live today: The Fiver is linked  with anger, sneezing with criticism.

Frequently it is a conflictual situation at the family level: “Something was said or a situation was experienced that I can not swallow  because some rules or limits were violated. There was perhaps a fight in which I had the feeling that my living space was violated or that I was in danger of losing something or someone who belonged to me.

Many cases of flu can be attributed to beliefs rooted in society and fear as well, such as: “It was so cold today, I’m sure I’ll catch the flu!” … Do I need rest? … I force myself to feel safe  in bed so I am  not will  face my responsibilities at work or family, etc.?

The flu can also be born after a situation in which we live a great disappointment, a great dislike or frustration that leads us to want to stop feeling what happens around ourselves (stuffy nose) and that also leads to having a more hard. Many times I may have an interest in expressing my emotions and letting my tears flow to decongest my whole body and restore harmony.

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