Traveling Alone is the Best

Dear friends, travelers and seekers of adventure,

Traveling alone is the best, and let us tell you why:
We live in a time where life is just so busy. Taking the time to reconnect with self is so important. It gives us a chance to pause and clear our heads so we can do the things we do with more heart and presence.

Traveling alone opens us up to trying new things in a way that we don’t experience when we travel with people we know. At each of our retreats about ½ of the retreat goers are solo travelers, finding themselves in local cooking classes, on a surf board, trying a new yoga pose or chatting with new found friends with an ease they didn’t expect.

Solo time on retreat brings us back to ourselves again. It gives us space to feel where we begin and end. Taking multiple yoga classes daily keeps us centered and grounded in ourselves. The movement of the body, the feeling of the breath, the warm of the sun on our skin fuels us and sparks our creativity.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want and take all the time in the shower you care to. Linger around morning coffee, stay up late and read a book. Sleep in or get up early for morning meditation. It’s up to you, come see for yourself.

Love & Devotion

Goddess Garden Family


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