Shipibo Shaman Therapy

The Shipibo shaman consumes the ayahuasca with the guest so that they can unveil the grid of patterns that exist on each person. They are able to tap into this dimension by using shamanic wave entrainment. Entrainment refers to the process of drawing in the particles of the material realm and transforming them into something else, such as the emotional and mental body, or light or sound. The shaman is able to access this space through music and singing, songs which are called icaros. They can also use touch, words, or repetitious sounds to stimulate the energy field of each person.

This sacred medicine essentially links neurotransmitters, and creates a connection between the unconscious and the conscious mind so that healing can occur. Old behaviours are examined, understood, and transformed due to powerful new perspectives from the medicine. This is why it is so helpful for those with addictions, repressed memories, or childhood trauma. Ayahuasca virtually rewires the brain. Equally Ayahuasca can have a extraordinary effect for those who do not suffer from mental health issues triggering profound insights, self discovery, and guidance for personal / spiritual growth and creativity.

Shamanic therapy has been used for thousands of years, and it is based on what we have found in science and nature, that which is referred to as fractals and patterns of energy. While in session, the Shipibo shaman is able to see the energetic field around a person’s mental and emotional body, and each person has a similar, yet unique pattern of fractals. A fractal is a geometric pattern in which each individual part has the same statistical character as the entire entity. Fractals have been referenced in geological studies of crystals, as well as astronomical studies of galaxy formation. The Shipibo shamans capture these fractals in their artwork, which embodies the unseen energetic world in which they work while using the sacred medicine.

In order to create the clearest vision for the shaman and the ayahuasca experience, fasting, a restrictive diet, and purging all go hand in hand with taking the medicine. This helps to create harmony within the body before the sessions begin. Once the individual has consumed the medicine and is being observed by the Shipibo shaman, they undergo a profound transformation, a deep cleansing on a cellular level. This cleansing has been referred to as de-fragmenting, in which the body undergoes a complete overhaul and maintenance of the entire system. This allows each cell to essentially be jostled back to the present, and cleared of the past, so that memories can be brought to the surface.

It is the understanding of Shipibo shamanism that illnesses and diseases are barriers or blockages in the energetic body. By using shamanic wave entrainment, the shaman is able to clear these blockages and patch the breakages in the fractal or emotional and mental body. They are capable of reshaping the energy of the patient through tuning and rebalancing, and through the mighty power of sound and song. The shamans are fundamentally singing the sounds of the fractal patterns. If we look at Shipibo ceramics, artwork, textiles, and tattoos, we will see these patterns expressed in our everyday reality. They are highly sophisticated in their design and symmetry, and are expressions of the oneness that can be uncovered in existence. 

What is also fascinating about the shamanic wave entrainment is that they are essentially fusing light and sound, as well as communing with the elemental world of the Amazon. During this process, the visual world we are used to seeing is peeled back, and like a grid or a web, we see how all life is connected, and what unique expressions each spirit brings to the oneness of life. These icaros, these songs sung by the Shipibo shamans, serve as manifestations or doorways to the patterns of existence and creation. The shamans are accessing our basic spiritual coding through acoustic summoning, and then reweaving the pattern back to its original whole and healthy form. This process can take many sessions to complete, but once the individual’s mental and emotional body has been fully restored, they will be healed. This healing involves memory activation so that the patient can understand why the blockages occurred, likely due to past traumas or abuse. Once they have come to terms with the truth of their lives and their spiritual purpose, they emerge restored and full of love and light. Like the butterfly who has spent much of its life in the cocoon, it is liberated, and is prepared to move forward down the path of their true spiritual life purpose.

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