Black Beach Cahuita

In this first installment of Travel Tuesday, we’re sharing a unique experience worth having during your visit to The Goddess Garden in Cahuita, Costa Rica. For this special travel experience, you won’t have to go far. Less than 300 meters from our front gate is Playa Grande. Named for it’s seemingly neverending strip of sand this beach runs 25 miles down the coastline from Cahuita to Limon. Located on the Northern outskirts of Cahuita it is rarely visited by tourists making it big, beautiful and virtually abandoned.

We recommend waking up and taking in the tranquil waters with the rising sun. You’ll likely be the only person on the beach and instead, have the native birds for company and the howler monkeys as your background soundtrack.

It is a peaceful and surreal experience, one that will leave you feeling connected with nature and its rhythm of life.

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