A woman does yoga on the beach and reaches for her toes

Add Beach Yoga to Your Bucket List

Find Your Zen by the Sea: Discover the Benefits of Beach Yoga Taking your yoga practice out onto a beach not only sounds nice, but it also has many benefits for your practice. Read on to find out the reasons … Read More

Cahuita National park, The Goddess Garden, where the ocean meets the sea

Beaches Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast

Learn about the best beaches you’ll find on Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast Swimming in turquoise waters, napping under palm trees (watch out for the coconuts!), surfing some waves, watching the monkeys swing above your head: it obviously isn’t difficult to … Read More

Punta Uva (Grape Point) beach Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

Punta Uva, Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

The editorial in 2001 Outside Magazine Travel Guide called Punta Uva beach “one of the best seven beaches in the world”. We have to agree as the white sand, tranquil waters and secluded feeling make it an absolute paradise. Punta … Read More

Black Beach Cahuita

Sunrise Over Playa Grande

In this first installment of Travel Tuesday, we’re sharing a unique experience worth having during your visit to The Goddess Garden in Cahuita, Costa Rica. For this special travel experience, you won’t have to go far. Less than 300 meters … Read More