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Tadasana, or mountain pose, is one of the fundamental yoga poses and a great starting place for standing postures. Here are a few tips to help your alignment when in tadasana.

Start with your toes touching and your heels slightly apart so that your feet are parallel. Lift and release your toes so that you are standing evenly on all 4 corners of your feet.

Imagine a string pulling up from the ground lifting your calfs, shines, kneecaps, thighs, and spine all the way up to the crown of your head. Gently tuck the tailbone and lift the pubis (the pair of bones forming the two sides of the pelvis) towards your stomach.

Start by bringing your shoulders to your ears then slide your shoulders blades down and back until they are fully released. You will begin to feel your chest opening as if it is lifting upward. Keep the crown of your head directly in line over your hips to keep your spine straight. Let your chin be parallel to the floor while your throat, jaw and tongue are relaxed. Soften your gaze and take your hands to your sides, in prayer in front of you, or lift them high overhead for a nice full body stretch.

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