A life-changing vacation to a Costa Rica retreat center is one of the most effective ways to combat stress, but far too many people wait until their stress has become a major health problem before they do anything about it.

Do you often feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day? Are you always tired, despite sleeping more than you think you should? These and many other seemingly harmless things can be indicators that you’re completely stressed. We’ve compiled a list of symptoms that can mean you’re heading for burnout, and what you can do about it right now (like coming to our Costa Rica retreat center, for one)!

What To Look For:

1. Health Issues

Whether it’s back pain, digestive trouble, headaches, or anything that seems out of order, it’s probably due to stress. The problem is, what appear to be benign issues can turn serious if left unchecked. Think heart disease, depression or stroke. If your schedule is affecting your health, it’s definitely time to take a deeper look.

2. Fatigue

It’s a well-known fact that being overwhelmed or stressed out can affect your sleeping habits. Having too much on your plate can lead to sleepless nights or the feeling that you can never sleep enough. Either one can lead to fatigue, and fatigue can affect your health, attitude, relationships and productivity. All this proves that sleep is super important, and shouldn’t be the thing that suffers when you have too heavy a load.

3. Mental Fogginess

One of the side effects of burnout is mental fogginess, and fatigue only exacerbates the problem. If you’re having trouble keeping appointments straight, you’re forgetting to get things done, or things are just generally jumbled, it’s probably time to take a step back and get to the bottom of the issue.

4. Relationship Issues

It’s very hard to compartmentalize stress when it’s happening at work or at home. Conflict at one can seep into the other very easily. In your relationships, stress can show up in two ways:

You’re more confrontational and easily annoyed by your loved ones and/or coworkers, or
You are more withdrawn and feel apathetic about making and keeping good relationships with those around you.

Whatever the case, if your relationships start to suffer, it’s high time you take action to bring more balance into your life. A good support system is vital to keeping stress at bay, so your circle should be a priority!

5. Changes In Your Personality

Are you usually easygoing about little issues but you find yourself easily aggravated by things? Are you usually upbeat and positive, but lately you’ve noticed pessimism creeping into your daily thoughts and conversations?

If you’re experiencing lower self-esteem, apathy, loss of sense of humor, or just a general change in your demeanor, burnout could be the culprit. If stress is starting to change who you are, it might be time to employ some tactics to get back to the real, happy you!

Time To Go To A Costa Rica Retreat Center: How To Combat Stress

costa rica retreat center

1. Get Away

A peaceful week in a tropical location could be just the thing to help you push the reset button. At our Costa Rica retreat center, we specialize in yoga and meditation retreats that can give you the tools to return home refreshed and continue to fight stress and burnout long after you’ve left.

costa rica retreat center

2. Breathe

Anytime you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, feel free to just take a minute. This is a calming technique you can literally do anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re using a breathing exercise you’ve learned at our Costa Rica retreat center, or simply focusing on the path of your breath and making it more balanced, just a few moments of either can be enough to help.

costa rica retreat center

3. Meditate

Meditation has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels, and it increases mindfulness and the ability to deal with life’s ups and downs. Just a few minutes a day can make a world of difference in your sleep patterns, your focus, and your overall outlook on life.

Your vacation at our Costa Rica retreat center could be just the thing to jump-start a meditation practice, or there are plenty of resources online to get you going.

costa rica retreat center

4. Detox (Digitally!)

Think about how much screen time you actually put in: between your phone, TV, computer at work or home, and any other devices you may find yourself in front of every single day, it really adds up. Studies have shown that screen time can actually change or damage your brain. A digital detox will really help get you out of the cycle of constant stimulation we find ourselves in.

Give up screen time for a week at our Costa Rica retreat center, or just set some ground rules for yourself to reduce your digital intake. You’ll find yourself less distracted and less overwhelmed in no time.

costa rica retreat center

5. Prioritize

Sometimes all it takes to get life under control is to take a step back. What are you doing that you’d rather not? What are some things you wish you were doing but aren’t? Small changes or big strides; whatever the case may be, find out what’s important to you, and pursue it. Be honest with yourself, make some lists, and set some goals. No excuses- you deserve to be happy!

It’s entirely possible to have a fulfilling, well-rounded life at first glance, but be completely overwhelmed. We’ve all been to that place where we just take on too much. Learn to recognize the signs that you’re getting burned out, and prioritize self-care.

Keep stress at bay by taking regular stock of what’s important, using mindfulness practices to keep your stress levels down, and taking regular vacations to come see us at our Costa Rica retreat center! Check out our current calendar of upcoming retreats here. We’ll help you melt the stress away one yoga pose at a time!

Melt Your Stress Away With A Yoga Retreat To Costa Rica

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