Most yogis and yoga instructors know that good music can really make a difference in a yoga practice or class. And there’s no shortage of music out there. Especially with platforms like Spotify that make it so easy to discover new artists. But sometimes, it can be a little difficult to find music that is deep and moving without being sad or having religious overtones. Good songs for meditation can be even more difficult to find: something instrumental that has just the right tempo.

That being said, allow us to introduce you to, Beautiful Chorus.

Beautiful Chorus is a vocalist group of (primarily) four women: Alexandra, Anisha, Patty, and Veronica. They are based out of Orlando, FL. The group started as a vision for a live performance of one of Alexandra’s earlier records. But, they ended up having so much fun that they decided to keep it going.

Their music is a mix of rhythmic soul, dynamic flow, beautiful melodies, and infinite love. Their mission is to help people bask in the experience of joy, self-awareness, and resonant frequencies. They do that through meditation, songs, hymns, and sound healing sessions. Accordingly, that’s what makes it perfect for a yoga practice and meditation.

Beautiful Chorus takes their music all over the country to perform at yoga festivals and other yoga and/or meditation events. Currently, they have six albums released which are available for streaming.

Our favorites

For yoga, or just listening around the house, we like Rhythmic Meditations. This album has more lyrical songs.

For meditation, we like their newest album, Wheels of Light. It’s focused on mantras that coordinate with the chakras. Also, Cymatic Meditation, which has wordless harmonies and gentle guitar.

But those are just recommendations to get you started. Explore them all and find your favorites!


Check out two of their songs & videos here:

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