New Year's Resolution Yoga

The Good Stuff

Hosting a yoga retreat is a great way to share your passion on a much deeper level. You have time to focus on your intention, and to connect with your students in a meaningful way. And you can choose just the right atmosphere to do it in. It can be a beautiful thing.

The Challenges

However, if planning and organizing events isn’t your forte, the idea of putting together a group retreat can seem intimidating. Aside from what you would personally like to offer, there are many other details, such as coordinating travel, meals and dietary restrictions, room assignments, and other activities to include. It’s a lot to consider.


Where you decide to host the retreat is a big factor in planning. It will determine the extent of travel, how many people you can accommodate, what you can offer your guests, and the general vibe you want to create. Depending on the type of venue you’re seeking, you can be more or less responsible for the details involved.

How We Can Help

Retreat centers, like us at The Goddess Garden, are a great option for newbie hosts, or just for people that aren’t up for the task of handling everything on your own. Since hosting groups is our primary function, we can coordinate a lot of the details for you. For instance, we will arrange all travel to and from the airport for your group. If you’re planning a yoga retreat, we have all the props you will need onsite, so bringing them along isn’t necessary. We can recommend all the best excursions in the area and schedule them for you. Our in-house Chef will handle all the meal planning, including any dietary restrictions your guests may have. We can also help coordinate room assignments. And we will happily share your event on social media with our followers. It’s like having your own support staff; you won’t have to do it alone.

Other Resources

There are also a lot of great websites that offer tips on planning your own retreat. We like these articles shared by Yoga Journal, Huffpost, and Yogi Times:

6 Steps to Planning the Ultimate Yoga Retreat

The Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Wellness Retreat

Planning the Perfect Yoga Retreat

The Goddess Garden, Cahuita, Costa Rica

You can visit our website for more information about what we offer!

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