Interested in attending a yoga retreat?

For some of us, the question to attend a yoga retreat seems like a no-brainer. Relaxing in paradise and doing yoga everyday? Yes, please! But we understand that it’s not always so simple to break away. We have responsibilities, and time and money are finite commodities, so we must choose wisely when using them. However, we feel pretty strongly that it’s a worthy investment, and we’ve put together a list of some valid reasons why.

De-stress & Avoid Burnout

This is probably the most obvious reason, but it’s also the most important! In society today, we put so much pressure on always doing more. So sometimes we feel guilty about taking a break. But the truth is, it’s necessary to maintain momentum in our lives. If we take the time to rest and recharge, we can come back to tackle our responsibilities feeling stronger than ever. And with a clear mind. Self care is important. To go into more detail on that, you can read a previous blog post about it here.

To Grow Your Yoga Practice

Yoga retreats are the perfect way to dig deeper into your yoga practice. You take away the stress of every day life, and give yourself the time and space to invest in your practice. It lends you the opportunity to learn new perspectives on yoga, practice daily without interruption, and spend time on workshops to help you grow. And best of all, doing it close to nature really magnifies the essence of it all.

To Gain a Fresh Perspective

Taking some time to step out of our comfort zones and explore something new is healthy for us. When we take some space away from people and things in our lives, we tend to appreciate them more. And gratitude is one of the top things that leads to a happy, fulfilled life. Additionally, exploring new places and cultures gives us a new perspective on our own lives. It can open our mind to new possibilities and motivate us to explore new or different avenues.

To Connect with Like-minded People

Retreats are an excellent way to surround yourself with people who share the same interests as you. You will have time to connect with new people as you enjoy the experience of the retreat together. Meeting people during your travels is a great way to bond with others and form new friendships. So many people that do yoga retreats end up making new friends for life. Connecting with people and making lasting friendships is a priceless experience.

Where to Start

There are so many yoga retreats available these days. We are obviously biased with the beauty and nature of the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and the pura vida culture. Here, we have the ocean, the rainforest, no traffic or air or noise pollution anywhere nearby. We host a lot of different yoga retreats year round, so there’s always a great one available. To check out what we have going on, click here.


We hope you take the leap to invest in a life-changing retreat to relax and reset your life! Pura vida!



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