As yoga teachers, we’ve all imagined leading our first international yoga retreat. A class surrounded by tropical plants and animals, in a peaceful open-air studio with ocean sounds inspiring our students’ every flow. This may sound like a fantasy, but at The Goddess Garden, it’s a reality.

Planning an international yoga retreat can be a daunting task for even the most motivated yogi entrepreneur. You want to provide your students with a week of exclusive access to you, but there are so many details to work out. Location selection, travel plans, accommodations, class content, menu… the list is long. It’s hard to know where to start.

We are here to help you give your students the best experience possible. We’ve compiled a guide for you so you can get started on this rewarding journey.


5 Ways to Lead Your First International Yoga Retreat Like a Boss

1) Location, Location, Location

Costa Rica is becoming an increasingly popular destination for yoga retreats and teacher trainings, and it’s easy to see why. The country provides warm weather, abundant natural beauty, that classic Pura Vida lifestyle, and many opportunities for adventures outside the retreat. It’s basically paradise!

Along with all that Costa Rica has to offer, The Goddess Garden boasts some very valuable perks to give you and your students the most blissful experience possible.


Our Digs

Vacationing in the jungle doesn’t have to mean roughing it. Our Caribbean-inspired bungalows are sure to make you and your guests feel right at home. We even provide a group shuttle to and from the airport so your travel plans can be a breeze.


Our Spaces

Our 14 acres have been cultivated with peace and harmony in mind for all involved. We used natural clearings in the forest for our structures so we could minimize our impact on the ecosystem and fully immerse our guests in the amazing experience that is the Costa Rican jungle and Caribbean sea.

Our beautiful 2nd floor open-air yoga deck offers a nearly 360-degree view of our jungle surroundings, and is the perfect place to find your Zen. It is fully equipped with all the props you need to guide your classes safely and for all skill levels. You and your students will feel as comfortable as you do at your home studio!

If you and your group want to mix it up, we have a second yoga pavilion that sits above our air-conditioned conference room. So, whether you want to practice asana, meditate on the beach, or offer a lecture and escape the heat of the jungle, you’ll find plenty of options here!


Our Grub

Our previous yoga teachers all say the same thing: that food is one of the most important factors to consider. Doing yoga and having adventures makes people hungry!

We pride ourselves on our delicious, wholesome menu that consists of locally-sourced ingredients. We can accommodate many dietary needs and frequently offer an Ayurvedic menu.


5 Ways to Lead Your First International Yoga Retreat Like a Boss

Work Hard, Play Hard

Downtime during a retreat is valuable for students and teachers alike. We make it easy for your group to enjoy their vacation when they aren’t in session with you so you can focus on recharging and being present for them when they need you.

Adventurous yogis can choose from a myriad of eco trips that can be booked right at the resort. Guests can experience all Costa Rica has to offer without traveling far from home base. Choose from tons of great experiences, including, kayaking, jungle hikes, surfing, zip lining, horseback riding, and immersion in local culture.

For those who wish to vacation at a slower pace, our pool and spa are the perfect spots to kick back and relax. What better way to compliment a centering yoga practice than with a massage and a dip in our hot tub?


2) Get A Jump Start To Your International Yoga Retreat

After choosing your location, the best way to begin planning a retreat is by talking with your current students and even your fellow teachers about whether they’d be interested in an international retreat, and what they might like to do with that time. You can use their input as well as your own ideas to start creating a theme for your asana classes, meditations, or lectures you will be offering.

Next, you need to decide when to hold your retreat. Perhaps you’d like to offer your students a respite from cold weather, or maybe you want to pick a certain month to allow your classes to be seasonally themed. Whatever your goals, a good rule of thumb is to start your planning 6-12 months in advance. Feel free to contact us anytime for information on availability.


5 Ways to Lead Your First International Yoga Retreat Like a Boss

3) Create Some Buzz!

Once you’ve settled on a theme for your international yoga retreat and engaged some students, it’s time to start getting the word out. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for recruiting guests, so make sure you talk about your retreat to friends, family, colleagues and plug it at the classes you currently teach.

When you book with us, we also help with the promotion piece through a feature on our website and posting your details on our social media platforms in order to reach people you may not have access to locally.

Self-promotion can sometimes be difficult, but your personal social media accounts make it easy for you to market a retreat. Sprinkle your Facebook and Instagram with details about your retreat plans. Use your email lists to quickly blast a newsletter or flyer to garner interest for the trip. You can also reach out personally via Facebook, email or phone call to specific individuals showing interest.

You could even host a promotional night or two at your home studio. Spread the word with a Costa Rica themed party and a free class or meditation session. Get people talking, and give a preview of what you will offer during the international yoga retreat. You might also consider giving a discount to people who sign up the night of the get-together.


5 Ways to Lead Your First International Yoga Retreat Like a Boss

4) Take Care of Your Yogis

Now that you’ve got some people on board, it’s important to stay connected with your group. Keep them enthused and make the experience as easy as possible for them. Planning your international yoga retreat at The Goddess Garden? All your students will have to do is buy their plane tickets, pack, and go!

A few things you can do to help your travelers:

  • Make yourself available via email or phone so your students can contact you with questions. There may be a lot, but you can also direct them to us for any resort-related inquiries.
  • Give recommendations on flight times so everyone can take advantage of the group shuttle to and from the resort.
  • Ask for everyone’s travel info and keep it handy.
  • Share your curriculum ahead of time so attendees know what to expect.
  • Consider suggesting reading material that will supplement your retreat offerings.
  • Inquire about specific dietary needs. We are happy to prepare for these ahead of time so your guests will feel right at home.
  • Ask about any injuries so you can accommodate them in your lesson plans.

All these personal touches will help your students feel comfortable and excited about traveling and spending their week with you.


5 Ways to Lead Your First International Yoga Retreat Like a Boss

5) Financial Considerations

This can be the most intimidating aspect of planning your international yoga retreat. You must be conscious of the per-person cost to your students, your own expenses, and making a bit of a profit. You are an entrepreneur, after all! We can help you determine what it will cost per person for your group to stay with us, and there won’t be hidden fees. Everything here is included: accommodation, meals, transport to and from the airport, and the use of all the space our resort has to offer. We can help make your financial planning super simple!

Yoga retreats are an amazing way to connect with your students, offer them a deep connection to their yoga practice, and to create a following for yourself as a teacher. If you pick a spectacular location and take care of your yogis, they will be excited to join you each time you travel. Organizing a retreat to Costa Rica does take time and effort, but the end result is exceptionally rewarding for everyone involved. Let us help you make your dream a reality!


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