yoga vacation

In our constantly busy world, your time is valuable, and this is even more true of your vacation time. If you’re like most Americans, you probably only get one or two weeks off every year, so why not make the most of it? Read on for ways we’ve found to make your yoga vacation the best it can be!

Tips For Planning The Ultimate Yoga Vacation


yoga vacation

1. Location, Location, Location


yoga vacation

Yoga and nature go hand in hand. A yoga retreat in the city is great, but if you really want to get away from it all and make a deep connection with yourself and your practice, a connection with Mother Earth will make it all the more meaningful. If you have the time and resources, Costa Rica is the perfect place for your yoga vacation.

Our beautiful, eco-conscious resort is set right on the beach in the heart of Costa Rica’s Caribbean. You will be surrounded by gorgeous scenery and exotic plants and animals: surroundings that will allow you to slip effortlessly into your Zen and stay there for the duration of your stay and beyond.

Not to mention that, when you choose a place like The Goddess Garden for your yoga vacation, we arrange for accommodation, classes, and meals so you can focus on you. It’s all-inclusive without the typical all-inclusive, giant hotel feel. We even have a pool, hot tub, and full-service spa so you can completely relax and release.


2. What’s Your Yoga Vacation Style?


yoga vacation

Aside from the obvious time on your mat, what do you picture yourself doing while on your yoga vacation?

  • Are you lounging on the beach and by the pool?
  • Are you being pampered in the spa? Are you taking runs on the beach and hiking in the jungle?
  • Are you mixing it up with locals and trying exotic cuisine? Are you looking for adventurous things to do like zip lining and surfing?

Even if you want to combine all of the above, you can! Whether you want to get out of your comfort zone for a more rewarding and memorable experience, or just achieve total peace, we have a myriad of opportunities to indulge in both. Cahuita, Costa Rica is the best place for off the beaten path adventure and relaxation.

You can literally design your dream yoga vacation with us. You can pre-book adventures and spa packages before you come, or just do it on site. Either way, we will help make sure your experience is seamless. You do you! Make your yoga vacation one of a kind by coming to The Goddess Garden. You’ll have something that is truly yours, which is so rewarding and fulfilling!


3. Pack This, Not That


yoga vacation

A yoga vacation should definitely make you feel lighter, so the last thing you want to do is lug around a bunch of stuff you won’t use. Remember, for a week on the beach and in the rainforest, less is more! It’s hot here, and you’ll be in the pool and the ocean daily, so packing light is the way to go. If it’s not truly necessary, don’t bring it (hint: makeup melts off your face in the tropics, and your hair does not stay styled!). We have a great resource for what to pack for your trip here!


4. The Journey


yoga vacation

Traveling internationally can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some things to think about to make the travel part of your trip more enjoyable:

  • Bring your yoga mat for airport yoga. Airplanes are cramped and can leave you feeling stiff and drained. Combat this by doing a few simple poses before and after your flight. You can even do some on the plane to refresh yourself mid-flight. Some gentle asana and breathing exercises could be the difference between jet lag and showing up to your yoga vacation feeling fabulous and ready to get the most out of your trip!
  • Eat and drink as well as possible. It’s easy to grab something unhealthy when you’re in a hurry. Carry your own water bottle and pack healthy snacks like an apple and some granola or carrot sticks and veggie chips. They don’t take up much space and you’ll be grateful that you don’t have to eat McDonald’s at the airport.
  • Take some immune boosters before travel; you’ll be exposed to lots of other people on your journey, and you don’t want to spend your dream vacation in bed with a virus!
  • Use the internet! Research the cities and towns you’ll be traveling through. Familiarize yourself with maps of the areas and read blogs for suggestions on how to make travel easier and more streamlined.
  • Scan your passport, itinerary and driver’s license and email them to yourself. Then save them on your phone so you don’t need the internet to access them in the event of theft or loss.
  • Have an extra pen or two with you so you can fill out custom forms quickly and be on your way. Or check out this new hack, called Global Entry, which allows you to become a “low-risk” traveler to save time at security and customs. This is especially useful if you get inevitably addicted to Costa Rica and want to make your trip a yearly tradition!
  • Call your credit card company and bank to let them know you’ll be traveling so they don’t put any holds on your finances while you’re trying to get around.
  • Most importantly, be willing to improvise and go with the flow. Channel your inner peace when traveling, because things will go wrong. Try to think of a setback as a fun challenge and another way that your trip is going to be unique and rewarding!

5. Set Goals!


yoga vacation

Above all, you want to know before you take your yoga vacation what you’d like to get out of it. This way, you’ll be sure to maximize the value of your time and feel like you used your vacation days the exact way you would have wanted to.

  • Would you like to achieve total relaxation?
  • Do you want to learn something new about yourself or the world?
  • Do you want to return home more balanced or fit?
  • Are you looking for a global yoga community?

We are sure to have a retreat or training that will help you reach those goals. Then, your vacation can double as an accomplishment, which will be more fulfilling in the long run. Doing something with your off time to impact yourself positively in a physical or spiritual way is an amazing move to help you return to work and home feeling re-energized and ready to take on life with your best face forward!

At its core, vacationing is all about loving your life. And you can love it even more if your trip is a yoga vacation where you can relax, invigorate and learn. Follow our hacks and do lots of research to make your journey the best it can be! It can literally change your life and your relationship with your practice!


Start Planning Your Dream Yoga Vacation Today!



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