The process of these two medicines

The two healing medicines are already very different in their consistencies but also in the duration of the effects. Bufo Alvarius is a substance that is smoked while Ayahuasca is drunk. One comes from the poison of a desert toad and the other from a variety of Amazonian plants.
The effects of Bufo are almost immediate and last between 15-20 minutes, while Ayahuasca comes on gradually. Its effects last between 4 – 6 hours.

The Sensations of these Shamanic Practices

Both of these medicines take you to another level of your consciousness, and bring you to feel your deeper self. You have side effects in each that increase the depth of the experience.
Bufo Alvarius plays an important role : in the consciousness, in the person´s will, in the influence of their environment, in their habits. The hallucinations of the Bufo Alvarius effect last between 20min to 1 hour. The connection with the universe and the feeling of being reborn it’s the most common experience felt by the people who tried Bufo, as well as a sensation to merge with God, visions of colors, looping patterns, and even a sense of bonding with the universe or all beings.
For Ayahuasca it is for people who wish to expand their creativity and imagination to create all types of art with Ayahuasca Visions.

How are Bufo Alvarius and Ayahuasca may help you ?

The treatment with Ayahuasca could help in the modulation of the temper and emotions and it may help lowering stress and depression or even Ayahuasca could be fruitful for people with substance disorders. “Trusted Source” a research document of 2018, propose that Ayahuasca may be effective for people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), it helps with the retrieval of the repressed memories, which paves the way for the rain to reprogram or extinguish the associated response.


With the Bufo Alvarius, in a Study of 162 individuals with anxiety or depression reported, 80% of them declared improvements after using the drug, and the ones who experienced an intense 5-MeO-DMT session communicated even greater effects on their state of mind. This study found as well, that the people that experience a high level of ego dissolution during the session exhibit higher levels of satisfaction with life and lower levels of depression and stress.

The knowledge of how or why the secretion of a dried toad may help betterment symptoms of anxiety and depression, was outside of the range of this investigation.  But authors, on the other hand, gave some theories, including the concept that psychedelic synthesis such as 5-MeO-DMT, may link together some brain receptors, therefore, reducing inflammation and ameliorating symptoms related with neuropsychiatric diseases, like depression. 

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