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If you’re a recent graduate of a yoga teacher training program like the ones we offer here at The Goddess Garden, you may feel like you don’t know where to start. You have the skills, but now you’ve got to take the next step and put your plan into motion. Teaching classes, workshops and perhaps hosting an international yoga retreat in Costa Rica are all great goals to have, and now you are equipped to do it all!

Create The Most Amazing Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica With These 7 Tips:


yoga retreat in costa rica

Practice On Everyone!

You’ve become a yoga teacher because you’re passionate about yoga and the ways it can benefit everyone. What better way to practice than to share your passion with those closest to you!

Your friends and family will not complain about free yoga classes, and they’re the perfect guinea pigs for new flows you’ve built and ideas you have. You could even host a yoga retreat in Costa Rica for your friends and family to warm yourself up for taking future students on retreat.


Stay Connected With Your Own Practice

Remember that, even though you have students to teach, you must always be a student yourself. Yoga is a journey for everyone, and you want to be able to grow in your own practice to keep your cup full so you have plenty to give to the people you teach.

Cultivate your own peace on your mat, daily if you can. Hold space for you like you hold space for your students. Take time for yourself by taking a yoga retreat to Costa Rica to refresh and learn new ideas and perspectives. Keep learning, and attend classes and trainings.

Continuously seek reminders of why you fell in love with yoga in the first place. Connect with yourself so you can connect with your students!


yoga retreat in costa rica

Plan Your Classes Well

It is a great idea to keep a notebook where you can write down sequences and meditations and build a cache of classes to teach. This is great to refer back to if you want to teach the same class again, add onto it, or just need inspiration for writing a future class.

Don’t be afraid to use your notes in class. It’s rare that a teacher can teach an entire class off the cuff! Also, planning classes can be a great way to build content for a workshop or yoga retreat in Costa Rica down the road.


yoga retreat in costa rica

Be Present. Be Authentic.

Leave your personal stuff at the door, and do your best to disconnect from what’s happened outside. Just like you want your students to clear their minds during class, so should you.

Practicing yoga is all about being present, therefore teaching it should be as well. I’ve had some of the most meditative, blissful experiences teaching- I frequently have that “yoga high” after I give a class. Being present will not only afford your students a higher quality class, but it will be more rewarding for you as well.

Draw from your own genuine experience in classes you’ve taken, your time in teacher training, or a yoga retreat in Costa Rica that you’ve been a part of.


Create Relationships

Learn people’s names, ask them questions about their personal lives, and get to know them. Make your students feel loved and important. Give them genuine attention and compassion. After all, you are there to hold space and create a sacred, supportive environment for them to deepen their practice.

Teaching people can be so much more fulfilling when you know your students well and start to build community with them.


yoga retreat in costa rica

Generate A Following

If you connect in a real way with the yogis that attend your classes, you will start to attract regulars. Cultivate trust and open-heartedness with your students, and you’ll have followers for years, which leads to a sustainable career for you and the ability to grow and learn together.

You can bolster your following and strengthen relationships by hosting workshops and retreats. A yoga retreat in Costa Rica can be very lucrative for a teacher and is a great goal to work up to. If you have a built-in group of students that trust you and will travel with you, it becomes easier and easier to fill a retreat each time you host one.


yoga retreat in costa rica

Promote Classes, Workshops and Retreats Via Social Media

Social media is fast becoming the best way to promote yourself and what you have to offer. Online presence is important in our world of constant connectivity.

It’s a great idea to set yourself up with a separate social media account outside your personal one. Unless you’re going to keep your personal posts strictly to subject matter pertaining to a healthy, holistic lifestyle, you’ll want a forum to promote yourself as a teacher separate from your personal life. Think of it as holding space on the internet.

Use your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts to post ideas and motivations for your students and to keep people informed of and excited about your offerings. Also, if you decide to hold a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, we can help make planning a breeze and promote it through our website and social media as well.

Teaching yoga can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. The more you learn and grow in your own practice, and the more you build and connect with your community, the better your career will be. In no time, you’ll be on your way to garnering a following, planning workshops, hosting a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, or even owning your own studio someday!


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