costa rica yoga retreat

Are you struggling to make ends meet as a yoga teacher? Or maybe you’ve been teaching for a while and you’re ready to take the next step as a yogi entrepreneur? Leading a Costa Rica yoga retreat is a great way to manifest wealth for yourself, develop your own teaching skills, and even gain a faithful following of students.

In previous posts, we’ve given you tips on how to plan and execute your own international yoga retreat. But what will you teach? Fear not! We have begun the brainstorming process for you. The ideas below will get you started on planning an amazing week that will have students following you to exotic locations year after year!

Get Inspired: 10 Themes For Your Next Costa Rica Yoga Retreat:


costa rica yoga retreat

1. Build An At-Home Practice

This retreat would be a basic jump-start for students at all levels who want to develop their personal practice. The week could focus on structuring flows and building a consistent daily routine to set your students up for success when they return home from their Costa Rica yoga retreat.


2. Detox Week

Cleanse retreats are becoming super popular these days. Health-conscious vacationers want their trips to be wellness-focused to rejuvenate them and help them develop healthy habits. At The Goddess Garden, we make planning this type of retreat a breeze. Your students will detox with hot yoga in the jungle, fresh Costa Rican air, plenty of opportunity for rest, therapeutic spa treatments, and a healthy, locally sourced diet.


costa rica yoga retreat

3. Yoga and Adventure Retreat

This retreat would give your students a chance to experience everything our region of Costa Rica has to offer. For the traveller who wants to do it all, The Goddess Garden can offer access not only to the perfect setting for yoga classes, but also easy access to many different eco tours and activities for your students to enjoy.

You and your group could find yourselves starting your day with yoga and meditation then heading out for jungle hikes, surfing. sea kayaking, or visiting the local indigenous tribe in the afternoon. We have plenty of fun excursions to supplement your Costa Rica yoga retreat!


costa rica yoga retreat

4. Athlete-Specific Retreat

This is a great retreat idea if you are a yoga instructor and you are a personal trainer or have another exercise discipline or sport you regularly participate in. Yoga for athletes is gaining popularity. Whether you play for the NFL or you like to run marathons as a hobby, yoga can make you a more well-rounded and healthy athlete.

So plan a Costa Rica yoga retreat that is specific to another sport: yoga for rock climbers, yoga for runners, yoga for cyclists, yoga for surfers, yoga for swimmers. Tailor your week of classes to a specific discipline, strengthening and helping your athletes become better at their sport. You could even incorporate workouts or excursions to accommodate their interests: think running on the beach, surfing sessions, or daily swims in the ocean!


5. Pose-Specific Retreat

Either pick one peak pose to build up to as the week progresses, or plan a series of pose workshops. Help your students build challenging poses such as handstand or crow from the ground up. You could also plan the retreat around a specific type of poses such as arm balances, inversions or backbends.


costa rica yoga retreat

6. Yoga and Ayurveda

This retreat would be perfect to hold at The Goddess Garden, since we are very Ayurveda-focused already. We can provide an Ayurvedic diet and spa treatments while you and your group do dosha-specific asana classes. You could even offer a few lecture sessions on how to find and optimize your dosha balance.


7. Yoga and Nutrition

This one is similar to the yoga and Ayurveda idea, but is just more generally health-focused. If you have expertise in clean eating or nutrition science, this is a great idea for a Costa Rica yoga retreat. Not only do we have a great facility for yoga, but we have access to quality local ingredients to kick-start any healthy eating regimen. Educate and nourish your students!


costa rica yoga retreat

8. Meditation Only Retreat

If meditation is more up your alley as a teacher, consider offering a meditation-focused retreat. You could focus on providing a week of exposure to many different kinds of meditation, or use the time to build up a skill in one specific kind of meditation. Our neck of the woods is the perfect place for you and your students to find clarity and connectivity to the inner self.


9. Rebalancing Retreat

If chakras are your cup of Costa Rican coffee, this would be the perfect subject matter for your yoga retreat to Costa Rica. Each day of the week could focus on studying a specific chakra, then doing an asana class to balance that chakra. You could even incorporate chakra-specific meditation as an evening class.


costa rica yoga retreat

10. Stress Relief Retreat

It’s no secret that vacation time is key to relieving and preventing stress. Give your students the opportunity to de-stress and rejuvenate at the deepest level possible with a Costa Rica yoga retreat. The Goddess Garden is the perfect place for this type of retreat.

Your offerings could include yoga nidra, meditation, and gentle, deep-stretch and restorative yoga. We will compliment these with our offerings: a clean, nature-immersed environment with plenty of space and peace for relaxation and rest, a healthy, cleansing diet, and a luxurious spa with treatments to decompress and de-stress.

Hosting a Costa Rica yoga retreat is a surefire way for yogi entrepreneurs to build a following, create community, manifest wealth, and provide instruction to students that has depth and quality. Get in touch with us today- we would love to help you start planning your exotic retreat!

Start Planning Your Next Yoga Retreat!



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