Contact Improv 5th Annual Retreat

We are so proud to be hosting the Contact Improv 5th Annual Retreat on March 17-24th! Your host and teacher, Moti Zemelman, has 27 years of C.I. experience to share. During the retreat, you’ll improvise in our beautiful wood floor … Read More

Cosmic Mind / Cosmic Body Retreat With Ashley Newsome & Sandra Sitron

This unique event combines astrology and yoga in one powerful and invigorating retreat. Join Ashley Newsom and Sandra Sitron at The Goddess Garden February 25 – March 2, 2018, as they help you to expand your self-awareness using mindfulness, movement … Read More

Yoga Retreat Feature: Being Human Retreat

We invite you on a joyful journey back to the body in nature, discovering who we are as human beings. From February 17-24, 2018 Kristen Chamberlin and Garrell Bevirt will combine their skills and knowledge to create an extraordinary experience … Read More

Wellness Week

Connect With Your Inner Joy Retreat: Yoga – Ayurveda – Aromatherapy

Wouldn’t it be nice to allow a week for yourself this winter? From January 20-27, 2018 we are excited to offer you a week of wellness at The Goddess Garden. During this Inner Joy Retreat, we incorporate and integrate yoga, … Read More

10 Reasons You Need to End Your 2017 With a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Once again, we’re nearing the end of another great year. Time flies, and we hope it’s because you’ve been having a fun-filled, successful, and blessed 2017. But if you’re like many people, it’s possible that you haven’t accomplished one goal … Read More

15 Books to Read Before Taking a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

Congratulations! You’ve booked a yoga retreat in Costa Rica! If you’re anything like us, you want to do everything you can to be prepared: you know what to pack, you’re brushing up on your yoga skills, and your travel itinerary … Read More

Retreat Series Part II: Essential Advice For Planning Your First International Yoga Retreat

Planning an international yoga retreat is a big job. In part one of this post, we talked about some things that need to be taken into consideration such as advertising, taking care of your attendees and planning a great theme. … Read More

yoga retreat in costa rica

Retreat Series Part I: The Secret To Fully Booking Your Yoga Retreat In Costa Rica

Yoga teachers, it’s no secret: yoga retreats are gaining popularity! According to a 2016 survey conducted by The Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal, 62% of American yogis would be interested in attending a yoga retreat in the next year. This … Read More

caribbean yoga retreat

Why Costa Rica’s “Green Season” is the Perfect Time to Host Your Caribbean Yoga Retreat

If you’ve been a yoga teacher for a while, you’ve probably at least entertained the idea of hosting an international yoga retreat. Somewhere in the Caribbean is an obvious choice: crystal clear waters and open-air yoga decks in the jungle … Read More

yoga vacation

Yoga Life Hacks: How to Plan a Better Yoga Vacation

In our constantly busy world, your time is valuable, and this is even more true of your vacation time. If you’re like most Americans, you probably only get one or two weeks off every year, so why not make the … Read More